Visit Siwa oasis , travel to Siwa Oasis and enjoy unforgotten trip

travel to Siwa oasis

When you decide to visit Siwa Oasis, you must know some information about such charming place. Here in this article, you will identify interesting facts before traveling to Siwa Oasis.

After a long distance through the western desert in Egypt, you will reach to Siwa Oasis, which is full of palm trees, mineral water springs, and large lakes of salt water that make the oasis look like an island amid the barren desert.

When you visit Siwa Oasis, you will discover that it gathers all types of tourism in one; as you can find the historical tourism when you see the archeological sites and authentic culture of Egypt.

In Siwa Oasis, you can enjoy also the medical tourism, in addition to the wonderful nature, Safari, recuperation, and sandboarding.

When you visit Siwa Oasis, you can enjoy visiting the following places, discover it.

  1. Mawta Mountain
Visit Siwa oasis
Mawta Mountain

Mawta Mountain means in the English language “the mountain of the dead people”.

It is not an attractive name, but this mountain looks like the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. It contains a number of tombs dating back to the Pharaonic era, 26th dynasty, in addition to some tombs date back to the Ptolemaic and Roman era.

This mountain was discovered in 1944 when the people of the oasis sheltered in it during WWII and after that, they discovered that this mountain was a cemetery.

One of the most famous tombs in this mountain was Amun tomb, which belongs to a Greek rich man who embraced the ancient Egyptian religion.

There are tombs of crocodiles, the tomb of Thyber Bathoth and other tombs that contain old scenes and inscriptions.

At the top of the mountain, you can see the wonderful overall view of the oasis with its palms, lakes, and landscapes.

  1. Cleopatra bath
Visit Siwa oasis
Cleopatra bath

Siwa oasis is famous for medical tourism and Cleopatra bath is considered as one of the most important destinations. Cleopatra bath is a stone bath, which is full of hot water running from the spring.

It was named after Queen Cleopatra because she was having a shower and massage in it as some scholars said. This bath was mentioned also in the book of the historian Herodotus, the history.

When you visit Siwa oasis, do not forget to get your swimsuit. Noteworthy, the people of Siwa still preserving the Islamic customs and traditions, so it is preferable for women to swim with decent clothes.

  1. Amun temple
Visit Siwa oasis
Amun temple

Siwa oasis was named as Amun oasis during the time of pharaohs, as this oasis was considered as one of the most important cult centers for god Amun.

This temple was the residence of highest priests of that god and the most famous wizards in the world. It was said that Alexander the great went to that temple and asked god Amun if he would control the world or not.

When you visit Siwa oasis and go to the temple, you will find debris of very old houses and the first mosque, which was built after the Islam entered Egypt.

  1. Shaly fortress
Visit Siwa oasis
Shali fortress

It consists of debris of old houses; these houses were built from a mix of rock salt, clay, and silt. The ancient people of Siwa were sheltering to this fortress to protect themselves from the attacks of desert Bedouins.

When you travel to Siwa oasis, you have to visit this distinguished castle and take some photos.

  1. Safari

When you visit Siwa oasis, you can enjoy the safari in the adorable desert away from the city and its disturbance. You can camp beside the springs, enjoy the folklore, and eat the tastiest foods.

  1. Curing with sand
Visit Siwa oasis
Curing with sand

The sand of Siwa oasis contains a high amount of minerals that help in curing a lot of diseases like rheumatoid, virus C, and other diseases.

The oasis has 6 hotels called the curing resorts, these hotels are divided into two parts; one for men and other for women.

You must have your breakfast before putting your entire body in the sand for 3 hours at least. You must stay at the sand for 15 minutes to allow the body benefit from the minerals and flush it from the poisons.

When you visit Siwa oasis, you will enjoy an unforgotten trip.