Visit Marsa Matruh and discover the best touristic places

Visit Marsa Matruh

When you visit Marsa Matruh, the most important coastal city in Egypt, you will discover the best touristic places; which are being visited by the tourists in summer. Marsa Matruh locates at the west of Alexandria, about 200 km.

This city has a lot of prominent monuments like Ramses II temple, Julius Caesar’s sunken city, Cleopatra VII’s palace, the arsenal of the Ptolemaic dynasty, the church, and the shelter of Erwin Rommel.

When you visit Marsa Matruh, you will find that it has many wonderful beaches like Agiba beach, the white beach, Rommel beach, and Cleopatra beach.

We are going to talk now about the best touristic places in Marsa Matruh.

  1. Ramses II temple
Best touristic places in Marsa Matruh
Ramses II temple

This temple was discovered in 1942 by Labeeb Habash and it contains the remains of some monuments, in addition to some scenes and inscriptions date back to Ramses II.

  1. Cleopatra Bath
Cleopatra bath
Cleopatra bath

When you visit Marsa Matruh, you must visit this wonderful place.

It is a stone known by Cleopatra stone or Cleopatra bath and it is considered one of the most important touristic places in Marsa Matruh.

You can go to this bath via walking through a way of stones. The water is running everywhere in the bath. The swimming is forbidden because the water is very deep at this place, so you can take some photos and have an interesting walk.

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  1. Agiba beach
Agiba beach
Agiba beach

It locates 24 km away from Marsa Matruh at the west. The water is very clear and blue. There is a large stone in front of the beach. You can enjoy walking along the beach and take some photos.

The swimming in this beach is dangerous because there are a large number of rocks, besides the depth of the water.

  1. Jaz Almaza Bay hotel
Jaz Almaza Bay hotel
Jaz Almaza Bay hotel

This hotel locates in Almaza Bay and has a white-sand beach, 9 swimming pools, 6 swimming pools for children, and 4 restaurants.

When you visit Marsa Matruh and book at this hotel, you will discover that all the rooms in the hotel overlook the sea.

You can enjoy eating different types of dishes and foods; as Morgana restaurant offers the Mediterranean Sea dishes in the fresh air, Corallo restaurant offers seafood, and Sofra restaurant offers the Lebanese food.

The hotel has all means of entertainment like a sauna, steam room, hot bathtub, gym, and beauty salon. You can play different sports at the hotel like volleyball, football, surfing, and water sports.

  1. Alexandria St. Market

It is considered the largest market in Marsa Matruh; as you can find all that you need.

When you visit Marsa Matruh, you can buy different types of herbs, mint, Pumpkin seeds, and other products, clothes, accessories, foods, souvenirs, and handicrafts. You can enjoy eating the best and different types of fishes in this market.

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  1. Shali Marsa Matruh hotel

This hotel locates at downtown and it contains a number of swimming pools, restaurants, gym, and long walkway; as you can enjoy walking for long distance. You can enjoy watching the sea on the terrace.

  1. Libya market
Libya market
Libya market

When you visit Marsa Matruh, you will find another and small market called Libya market. This market has all types of Bedouin herbs, which are used to cure different diseases.

You can buy also the Bedouin olives, organic olive oil, and handmade- Bedouin garments.

  1. Semiramis InterContinental hotel

It locates in the area of Lido beach. The hotel has no private swimming pool but it offers luxurious rooms that overlook the sea.

Beside the hotel, you will find a fair for handicraft products, a lot of restaurants that offer different types of foods and cuisines.

  1. Variety of beaches

When you visit Marsa Matruh, do not forget to go to the different beach every day; as this city has a lot of beaches, which you can enjoy every single day.

Rommel beach is ideal for swimming. There is also Love Beach, which is one of the most famous beaches in all Egypt. There are some charming beaches like Lido, Fayrouz, Cleopatra, and white beach.

  1. Porto Matruh Resort
Porto Marsa Matruh
Porto Marsa Matruh

This resort locates 30 minutes away from Cleopatra beach and it has a private beach, in addition to the magnificent landscapes. All the rooms at the hotel overlook the sea. You can visit Rommel museum, which locates about 10 minutes from the resort.

Next time when you come to Egypt, do not hesitate to visit Marsa Matruh and discover the best touristic places.