Visit Luxor , best places to visit in Luxor city

If you want to visit Luxor city in South of Egypt, you must identify the best places to visit in this historic city.

This ancient city had the third of all the world’s monuments. It was considered as the royal court during the pharaonic period.

This city had many names like Thebes, the one hundred-door city, and the city of the sun. Luxor has also the touristic and monumental sights for the Abrahamic religions that settled in Egypt.

Geographic distinction of the city

It locates in south Egypt, 670 km from Cairo. It is bounded by Edfu city to the south and Aswan.

When you visit Luxor, you will find that it was divided into two parts; the eastern and western bank and the Nile flow at the middle.

Luxor city is more beautiful than any other touristic city; as it contains the ancient Egyptian, Islamic and Christian monuments.

Now, I am going to mention the best places to visit in Luxor city.

  1. Karnak temple
visit Luxor, Karnak temple
Karnak temple

It is considered the largest temple in the world. When you visit Luxor, you will find this temple needs a lifetime to discover its secrets and beauty.

At the beginning of the temple, you will walk through the Avenue of Sphinxes and then you will find yourself standing before the first pylon and you will discover more throughout your visit to Luxor.

  1. Luxor temple
Visit Luxor, Luxor temple
Luxor temple

It locates on the eastern bank of the Nile. It was built during the 18th and 19th dynasties and it contains a large number of inscriptions and pillars for a lot of kings like Ramses II, Amenhotep III, Akhenaten, and Tutankhamen.

This temple was dedicated to the worship of god Amun.

  1. Hatshepsut temple
Visit Luxor, Hatshepsut temple
Hatshepsut temple

It one of the most beautiful temples and best places that you must see when you visit Luxor.

It locates at the western bank of Nile. It was well designed; as it has large statues for god Osiris and it was dedicated for the worship of god Re, Horus, and Anubis.

  1. Mummification Museum
Visit Luxor, mummification museum
mummification museum

It locates on the Nile cornice beside Luxor temple and it was opened to the public in 1997. When you visit Luxor city and the museum, you will know how the ancient Egyptians were mummifying the kings and animals also.

  1. Luxor Museum
Visit Luxor, Luxor museum
Luxor Museum

It locates also in the Nile corniche. It was established in 1975 and it looks like the Egyptian museum concerning the beauty of masterpieces and design of the museum itself.

  1. Ramaseum temple
Visit Luxor, ramesseum temple
Ramesseum temple

One of the best places to visit in Luxor city is Ramaseum temple. It was built by King Ramses II to commemorate him.

The temple has large statues for the king and inscriptions on the walls reveal his life and victories over the enemies. It locates on the west bank of Nile.

  1. Valley of the Kings
Visit Luxor, Valley of the Kings
Valley of the Kings

When you visit Luxor, you must start your tour with Valley of the Kings. It was built to be tombs complex for the kings and noblemen of the New Kingdom along 500 years.

This Valley locates on the western bank and it contains a lot of tombs, in addition to undiscovered tombs. The most famous one is Tutankhamen tomb, which has the most beautiful masterpieces.

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  1. Colossi of Memnon
visit Luxor, colossi of memnon
Colossi of Memnon

These two large statues are commemorative ones for king Amenhotep III. There were built in 1350 B.C.

Memnon is an ancient Greek hero; as the Greeks named these statues with Memnon because one of them made a sound as a result of cracking, so the Greeks thought that the statue was crying for the death of his mother like the myth of their hero Memnon.

  1. Abu Haggag Mosque
Visit Luxor, abu haggag mosque
Abu Haggag mosque

When you visit Luxor, you will find that this mosque is very close to Luxor temple. This mosque was named after the ascetic worshipper Youssef Ibn Abdelraheem Ibn Youssef Ibn Essa, who is well-known with Abu Haggag.

Now, we have mentioned the best places to go to when you visit Luxor.