Visit Khan El-Khalili in Cairo, interesting information about Khan El-Khalili bazaar

Khan El-Khalili bazaar

When you visit Khan El- Khalili in Cairo, you feel like you go through the old Cairo, as if you go back to the ancient centuries of Islamic Egypt.

You will smell the magnificent past in the atmosphere around you and touch the beauty of Mamluk architecture, which represented in the mosques, markets, factories, and houses; such buildings are still persistent until now as they were built yesterday.

History of Khan El-Khalili

Visit Khan El-Khalili in Cairo
Khan El-Khalili in Cairo

It is one of the oldest markets in Egypt; as it dates back to 600 years ago.

The architecture of this market does not change until now. A lot of Palestinian merchants have emigrated from their countries and went to Khan El-Khalili for work and trading.

This market was named after his founder, Jarkas El-Khalili, he was a Palestinian merchant and one of the major merchants during the reign of Sultan Barquq.

The touristic streets in Khan El-Khalili

Khan El-Khalili is considered the most famous touristic street in Cairo, as it locates in very distinguished site and contains unique products.

When you visit Khan El-Khalili, you find it extends from Al-Hussein Mosque, which locates in front of Al-Azhar Mosque, to AL-Salheya alley.

At the end of Khan El-Khalili Street, you will find another old streets and alleys, which are very close to Muizz Street. When you visit Khan El-Khalili and Muizz Street, you will find yourself in an open museum for Islamic monuments.

Khan El-Khalili has dozens of bazaars and commercial stores that reflect the Islamic architecture and art.

These stores offer handicraftsman that attracts the tourists from all over the world to visit Khan El-Khalili and buy these products.

Activities to do when you visit Khan El-Khalili

Visit Khan El-Khalili
Accessories in Khan El-Khalili

Khan El-Khalili has many stores, which are close to each other. These stores have everything whether you heard or not heard about it.

You can buy the pharaonic pieces, copper handmade accessories and jewelry, arabesque, handmade garments and oriental dance suit.

Khan El-Khalili contains also gold and silver handmade stores that attract the tourists, in addition to copper, wood, and leather goods, pharaonic-style clothes, historical accessories like swords, helmets, and Misbahas.

When you visit Khan El-Khalili, you will see the most skillful artisans and craftsmen in Egypt who make different products like carpets, crystals, papyri, wood, copper, gold, and silver artifacts.

When you visit Khan El-Khalili, you can buy also the amulets, handmade textiles, metal and glassy statues, natural herbs, accessories, and Arabian hookah.

The market has stores for selling different types of imported incenses like the Sudanese, Somalia, Saudi, and Indian incenses.

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El-Feshawi Cafe

Visit Khan El-Khalili
El Fishawy Cafe

It is one of the oldest cafes in Egypt; it dates back to 1797 AD. This cafe became very famous because of the author Naguib Mahfouz, who like the cafe and wrote a novel for this place.

The cafe locates in one of the alleys, which is close to Al-Hussein Mosque, at A-Azhar area, old Cairo.

The tourists who visit Khan El-Khalili from all over the world come to this cafe because of its oriental atmosphere and style.

Inside the cafe, you will see the wooden tables, Arabian chairs, the mirrors that were hanged and framed by the wooden-Islamic frames.

The cafe is famous for its tea, even black or green tea, which is presented in a small metal teapot and has the aromatic smell of mint.

The cafe presents also hookah with different flavors; such hookah is preferable to the tourists.

Visit Khan El-Khalili in Cairo, enjoy watching the real oriental mosques and buildings, it really an unforgotten trip.