Visit Dahab in Egypt , travel to Dahab and discover real the paradise

Travel to Dahab

If you visit Dahab in Egypt, you travel to the real paradise itself. The wonderful nature of Dahab, purity of sea, golden sand, and mountains make this area as the magic. Let’s discover this Egyptian city.


It locates in South Sinai governorate in Egypt at Aqaba Gulf after 100 km from Sharm El Sheikh and 87 km from Nuweiba.

It is a touristic city and it is divided into the northern city, which is considered as the spirit of the city; as it contains the commercial markets, bazaars, and shopping centers and the south city that characterized by the nomadic lifestyle.

When you visit Dahab in Egypt, you will find the golden sand, pure and very blue beaches, in addition to the best hotels that offer to you distinguished service and luxury.

Reason for name

The name Dahab means in the English language “the gold” and it takes this name maybe because of the golden color of the water at sunset or because of the golden color of sand.

How to travel to Dahab?

If you want to visit Dahab by air, then you have to take a plane from Cairo until Sharm El Sheikh, and then take the car from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab, about 100 km or one hour and quarter.

If you want to visit Dahab in Egypt by road, you will go through Cairo / Suez / Ras Sedr / Mount Sinai / Sharm El Sheikh / Dahab, the distance is about 700 km.

Dahab climate

When you visit Dahab, you can enjoy the Asian climate, the temperature is 29 ÂșC, the climate is wonderful in the winter, and the brightness of the Sun lasts for about 10 hours; as you can swim during the day.

Touristic places in Dahab

When you travel to Dahab, you can visit many wonderful places like:

Nabq Protected Area

Visit Dahab in Egypt
Nabq protectorate in Dahab

It is a charming place, which locates between Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab at Aqaba Gulf. This protectorate takes an area of 600 km2; 440 km2 in the land and 130 km2 inside the water.

The tourists from all over the world visit Dahab to dive in Nabq, safari, see birds and wild animals. In Nabq protected area, you can see the colored fishes, coral reefs, and different types of rodents and reptiles.

Nabq contains about 134 species of rare plants; about 86 species have totally vanished in other areas. The most famous plant in Nabq is Avicennia.

Abu Galum protectorate

Visit Dahab in Egypt
Abu galum protectorate

It is called also “Bawadi El-Rasasa” and it locates in Aqaba Gulf. In Abu Galum, you can see the beach beside the mountains, which is a beautiful view to enjoy.

The protectorate has some caves under the water at the depth of 100 m. It has also some coral reefs, colored fishes, birds, and about 165 species of wild plants; only 44 species are found only at that protectorate.

Blue Hole

Visit Dahab in Egypt
Blue hole

It is a deep hole or well in the Red Sea, it is about 130 m depth, six-meter shallow hole, and a hole called an arch to go out to the sea.

This arch attracts the divers from all over the world who come to see the arch that connects between the blue hole and the sea.

The blue hole contains wonderful and unforgotten scenes; as when you visit Dahab in Egypt you can see in this area the coral reefs and marine animals, in addition to the view of the mountain with the sea.

You can dive in this area, but it is dangerous because it contains a number of caves under the water; such caves look like very near to the sea level but they are very deep.

This area contains corals reefs and different types of fishes, but it needs to be a skillful diver to dive into this deep hole.

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Al-Asla area

It is the popular village in Dahab, about 75% of Dahab’s people are living there and it is divided into three residential areas.

Laguna area

It is considered the only sandy beach in the city. It attracts the divers who visit Dahab in Egypt because the water has very precious treasures and very beautiful coral reefs and plants under the water. The area has also a number of hotels and diving centers.

Coral island

Visit Dahab in Egypt
Coral island

It locates near the Palestinian borders. The island has a castle that built by the Crusaders during the Crusades. The remains of this castle are still found you can see it when you travel to Dahab.

Recreational activity to do when you visit Dahab


All the previously mentioned information illustrates to you that diving is the most important touristic sport you can do in Dahab.

Dahab contains more than 30 diving centers and the diving in this city is considered the cheapest in all Sinai. If you like diving more than any other thing, you can find what you want when you travel to Dahab in Egypt.


The magic weather and golden sand in Dahab make you feel like you are in the real paradise. Dahab is considered the idealist place for yoga and meditation. Dahab has many centers for yoga.


It is an attractive and wonderful adventure to be tried. Dahab has more than one center for parachuting.


It is the most appropriate place for this sport. You can practice surfing by board sailing, glider, jetski, or rowing boat.

Rock climbing

You can climb the rocks when you visit Dahab. The ideal place for this sport is Genai valley.


You can enjoy the safari in the magic desert.


You can shop at Dahab. There are many bazaars containing souvenirs, jewelry, silver and handmade carpets. One of the most famous of these markets is the Ghazali market, which contains all the spices, herbs and tableware.

Visit Dahab in Egypt and discover the real paradise on Earth.