Queens of ancient Egypt, facts about ancient Egyptian queens

Ancient Egyptian Queens

Now, we are going to talk about some Queens of ancient Egypt. When we talk about Pharaonic queens who have ruled ancient Egypt, we must mention the greatest Pharaoh Queens, such as Hatshepsut and Cleopatra.

There were various queens who also have ruled ancient Egypt, such as Mert Neit, KhantKaus, Sobek Neferu and Tawsurt.

Ancient Egyptian Queens: Sobek Neferu or Sobek (beauty Ra) Neferu

Ancient Egyptian Queens
Queen Sobek Nefru

She reigned as Pharaoh Queen after the death of her brother (husband) Amenemhat IV. She was the last ruler of the Twelfth dynasty of Egypt (1806-1802 B.C).

They had discovered damage status without heads for her and some records date back to her rule period in Delta. She added a more funerary complex of Amenemhat III at Hawara and she also built some building in Hiraknpolis.

In addition to, there is a cylinder seal bearing her name in the British museum. She was using female and male sobriquets, also there are sets of unknown statues with unique clothes for the queen, and it is a mixture of female and male clothes.

Queens of ancient Egypt: Hatshepsut (1500-1458 B.C)

Queens of ancient Egypt
Queen Hatshepsut

She was one of the most famous Queens in ancient Egypt. She ruled Egypt about 21 years and it considered the longest period for a woman in the Egyptian history.

She was the only daughter of Thutmose I and she got married to her brother Thutmose II who ruled the country after the death of his father 1492 B.C.

Because of the similarity between the Foreign and domestic policy which she followed during her rule period and the policy of her husband, a lot of researchers have thought that she had a real power or she was playing an important role during the short rule period of her husband.

Thutmose II had a son named  ‘Thutmose III from his second wife, he was still young, so Hatshepsut brought  him up and shared him the throne until she ruled the country as a sole ruler.

She also tried to prove the Legitimacy of her rule by all ways, as she claimed that her father before his death transfer the rule to her during the celebration of the Royal Palace.

Egyptian Queens: Khentkaus

Ancient Egypt Queens
Queen Khentkaus

She was a Queen of the 4th dynasty and she considered the oldest queen bearing the sobriquet of the ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Also, there is another explanation for this title; as she was the mother of two kings. The story which recorded on ‘’wastkar’s Papyrus’’ indicates that the first three kings of the 5th dynasty were brothers.

The modern researchers have shown that khentkaus might be get married to Userkaf the founder of the fifth dynasty, so in this case, she is the mother of two children and they are Sahure and Nfr Ir Ka Ra.

Now, we have mentioned some interesting facts about Queens of ancient Egypt.

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