Queen Ahmose Nefertari, the first military leader woman in the history

The first military leader woman in the Egyptian history

Queen Ahmose Nefertari was one of the most famous queens in the ancient Egyptian history. She gained her fame, maybe because she was the first military leader in the history of mankind.

Ahmose Nefertari was the wife and sister of king Ahmose I who liberated Egypt from the Hyksos and the founder of the 18th dynasty.

Her mother was Queen “Iaah Hotep”, who made her involved with her brother Ahmose I in the army and military life to make them great leaders to fight against the Hyksos.

Queen Ahmose Nefertari was the first woman in the Egyptian history to reach the rank of “the leader of the campaign”, and this was the 2nd rank in the ancient Egyptian military after the pharaoh who was the high commander.

We have known her story and achievements from the texts and scenes of the liberation war against the Hyksos.

After the death of Kamos during one of the battles against the Hyksos, Queen Iaah Hotep became the regent over the throne.

She made her two sons king Ahmose I and Queen Ahmose joined the military and trained with the army to be prepared for the war against the Hyksos.

Queen Ahmose became the leader of the campaign. She was an excellent military woman and showed a greatly superior and power in the training, so Queen Iaah Hotep made her the leader of one of the most important divisions in the Egyptian army.

This division has played an important role in the liberation war. Some historical sources have said that her division was the 1st one to go to the battlefield and fight the Hyksos.

She was awarded the highest military decoration in an Egyptian military celebration. This military decoration was also awarded to Queen Iaah Hotep.

In 1914, her tomb was discovered at the top of the Valley of the Kings at the area of Deraa Abu El-Naga.

We have found in her tomb a military decoration and her weapons. The contents of the tomb are now displayed at the Egyptian museum.

It is thought that king Ahmose I and Queen Ahmose Nefertari was from one mother but not from the same father because we have found scenes depicted both of them in different colors, as the king took the skin color of all Egyptians, while the Queen depicted with the black color skin.

Queen Ahmose Nefertari gave birth to 3 boys, 2 of them died, and 4 girls, 3 of them died. When king Ahmose I died, Queen Ahmose Nefertai became the regent for her son Amenhotep I.

Queen Ahmose Nefertari was deified with god Amun, as the Egyptians were worshiping at the middle of 18th dynasty until the reign of king Hry-Hor.

Queen Ahmose Nefertari was considered the guardian of artists, as they were performing some rituals related to her in their city “Deir El Madina” at the Western bank of Thebes.

Queen Ahmose Nefertari was the first woman to join the military life and also the first woman to be a leader in the history of the world.
Facts about Egyptian Queen Ahmose
Queen Ahmose Nefertari, the first military leader woman