Palaces in Egypt , amazing Egyptian palaces you should visit in Egypt

There are many adorable palaces in Egypt. If you plan a visit to Egypt, it is your chance to visit such Egyptian palaces and identify their beauty and architecture.

Now, we are going to talk about a number of palaces in Egypt.

  1. Aisha Fahmy palace
Egyptian palaces
Aisha Fahmy Palace

Aisha Fahmy palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in Egypt. In addition to its distinctive architecture and rich history, it overlooks the Nile in Zamalek District.

This palace has played an important role in discovering many conceptual artists in 1980s and 1990s.

When was Aisha Fahmy palace built?

It was built by Ali Fahmy Pasha in 1907 and it takes the classical style. He named it the palace of paradise and dedicated it to his daughter Aisha Fahmy.

After the death of her father, she bought the shares of her siblings at an amount of 74.000 EGP in 1924, as she was considered the richest woman at her age.

She married the famous Egyptian actor Youssef Wahbi and lived with him at the palace until her death in 1962. This Egyptian palace was restored from 2005 until 2017, as it was reopened in 17th of May 2017.

It consists of a number of internal halls; each hall contains many works of art for the most famous conceptual artists. This palace is considered one of the most beautiful palaces in Egypt.

  1. Baron Empain Palace
Palaces in Egypt
Baron Empain Palace

At the end of 19th century, the Belgium millionaire Edward Empain came to Egypt from India and built this palace at Heliopolis district.

Before building the palace, Baron Empain negotiated with the Egyptian government to establish a new district in the desert, east of Cairo.

He chose a name for this new district, which is Heliopolis, city of sun and he built many houses that took the Belgium style, in addition to a large hotel.

The Baron has decided to build a magnificent palace at this new district and intended to make it one of the most beautiful palaces in Egypt.

When you visit this palace, you will discover that its design makes the sun go through it from all directions.

The area of the palace is 12.5 thousand meters, the external windows are adorned with Indian elephants and Buddhist statues, and many parts of the palace are inlaid with ivory.

This Egyptian palace resembles a museum from inside, as it contains many golden and platinum statues, in addition to wonderful masterpieces.

The palace has also a rare watch; this watch has no parallel in all over the world except in Buckingham Palace.

This watch shows the time in minutes, hours, days, months, and years, in addition to displaying the lunar phases and temperature.

 The palace from inside

Palaces in Egypt, Baron Empain
Baron Empain Palace from inside

Although this palace is considered one of the most fantastic palaces in Egypt, it is not very large from inside as you may imagine. It consists of two floors and seven rooms only.

The first floor has a large hall and three rooms; two of them were for hospitality and the third one was for playing billiards.

The upper floor has four rooms for sleeping; each room has an attached bathroom. The floor of the palace is parqueted and the basement has the kitchens, garages, and servants’ rooms.

The roof of the palace

The wonderful roof of the palace was used for making parties. You can see paintings of animals, plants, and legendary creatures. You can ascend to the roof by a ladder, which was made out of classy wood.

  1. Abdeen Palace
Egyptian palaces
Abdeen Palace

This palace is one of the oldest palaces in Egypt, as it witnesses a lot of events in Egypt since the royal age until the establishment of modern Cairo.

Abdeen Palace is a rare historical masterpiece that transformed into a museum, which reflects both the luxury and the important events that happened in the era between the royal age and the revolution of July 1952.

Khedive Ismail built this palace, thenceforth; it became the seat of governance from 1872 until 1952. Many people around the world are very eager to visit this palace.

Egyptian palaces
Abdeen Palace from inside

Museums inside the palace

Silverware museum, the museum of royal gleanings, weapons museum, crystal museum, medals museum, and museum of President Mubarak’s gifts.

  1. Ras El-Tin Palace
Ras El Tin Palace, palaces in Egypt
Ras El-Tin Palace

This palace is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful palaces in Egypt and Alexandria.

This palace has witnessed the dawn of Muhammed Ali Pasha’s dynasty for about 150 years until its decline in 1952 when King Farouk abandoned the rule and left Egypt.

It was built by Muhammed Ali Pasha in 1834. It takes the European style of architecture like the other palace in Alexandria and Cairo at that time.

In the beginning, the palace took the shape of a fortress and its garden had a lot of fig trees, so it was called Ras El Tin palace “fig palace” in the English language.

Egyptian palaces
Ras El-Tin Palace from inside

This Egyptian palace was the seat of governance in summer, as the rulers were traveling and staying at that palace in the summer of each year.

Now, we have mentioned the most famous and beautiful palace in Egypt.

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