Music in ancient Egypt, fact about ancient Egyptian music

Facts about ancient Egyptian music

Music in ancient Egypt was very progress and beautiful; as the ancient Egyptian has excelled in the music like agriculture, industry, engineering, medicine, astronomy, and different fields in the life.

The ancient Egyptian artist made a distinctive type of art and tunes. A lot of musicians have asserted that the ancient Egyptian music is still influencing the modern music.

But the question is how the music in ancient Egypt developed and what were the stages of its development, let’s discover.

The ancient Egyptians have known the music from the archaic periods. This is clear from the inscriptions and scenes found at the walls of kings’ tombs.

The music in ancient Egypt was used in different aspects of life, but it was mainly used in the religious and funeral purposes (in the temples and cemeteries).

It was also used in the daily life for the entertainment; as the farmers were using different musical instruments which still in use nowadays like the flute.

Music in ancient Egypt
ancient Egypt music, a musician plays the flute

There are a lot of inscriptions dates back to the old kingdom show the hand signals which were used among the singers at that time. Noteworthy that these signals are still in use.

Not only that but also we have found inscriptions on the walls of the tombs mentioning the names of the famous singers and musicians who were singing in the palaces of the kings and high officials.

Also, the singers and musicians were singing inside the temples during the religious and ritual prayers. The band in ancient Egypt consisted of the flutist, the harper, the drummer, and the man who played with the Sistrum.

Ancient Egyptian music
The ancient Egyptian Sistrum

The ancient Egyptians also have known the maestro or bandmaster, his mission was leading the band, making them enthusiastic, settling into a rhythm.

The ancient Egyptian music and its tunes have been preserved thanks to the Coptic tunes which are being used nowadays in the Egyptian church. In the Greek-Roman period, Egypt did not influence by its music; as the Egyptians have kept their music.

The separation that happened between the Egyptian and Roman church played an important role in keeping the tunes of the Egyptian church which were derived from the music in ancient Egypt.

Although the Romans have conquered Egypt for about 6 centuries, the Egyptians enabled from keeping their music, language, and identity comparing with the other nations conquered by the Romans.

The common information is that the origin of the music was Greek, but there are a lot of discoveries and evidence indicating that the ancient Egyptian music was the oldest music in the ancient world.
Music in ancient Egypt
Music in ancient Egypt, a musician plays string instrument