Museums in Egypt , amazing Egyptian Museums you must visit

If you plan a visit to Egypt, there are a number of museums in Egypt you must visit when you come.

There are many Egyptian museums; some of them are very famous like the Egyptian Museum, Coptic Museum, Luxor Museum, and others.

In this article, we are going to talk about some interesting museums in Egypt, you may know some of them, but if you have not heard about the others, do not miss the chance to visit them.

  1. Museum of Islamic Ceramics
Egyptian museums
Museum of Islamic Ceramics

It is considered one of the most beautiful museums in Cairo, as it contains many ceramic artifacts and products that have the characteristics of Islamic architecture.

The Islamic civilization is one of the oldest and most important civilizations that left a print in the ceramic art.

Museums in Egypt
The museum from inside

This museum dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, it is characterized by its luxuriant building, and it includes many large halls.

Gleanings of the museums

This museum combines many ceramic products that take the Islamic characteristic, in addition to some architectural elements, which represents the Andalusian, Classic, European, Moroccan, and Turkish style.

The museum has a number of large halls; in the middle, you can see the main hall that has the large dome. The museum has also a set of wonderful windows that colored by stucco.

Museums halls


In the middle of the lobby, you find a marble fountain, which adorned with Floral Ornaments. The lobby has 16 colored windows.

Fatimid hall

This hall has about 74 pieces that date back to the Fatimid dynasty; among these pieces dishes, stamps, pots, and bottles.

The ceiling of the hall is adorned with the Islamic star-shaped dish and the sentence “Allah is the greatest” is written on the walls.

Turkish style hall

This hall was made to display the Turkish masterpieces. It contains a ceramic heater.

Ottoman, Umayyad, Ayyubid, and Mameluk hall

This hall contains gleanings of all Islamic states that ruled Egypt, in addition to about 39 various pieces from different ages.

Iranian hall

This hall locates on the upper floor of the museum and it includes rare masterpieces of Iranian-Islamic ceramic, in addition to some Iraqi, Tunisian, and Andalusian masterpieces.

This museum is really considered one of the most beautiful museums in Egypt.

Ahmed Shawqi Museum

Egyptian museums
Ahmed Shawqi museum

It locates on the Nile Corniche in Giza and it is considered one of the most beautiful museums in Egypt. It was dedicated to Ahmed Shawqi, a very famous Egyptian poet, nicknamed the Prince of poets.

After he came back to Egypt, he decided to build a new house, this house was called Karmet Ibn Hanie, and later it became among the Egyptian museums.

This museum is a white palace surrounded by a garden and it was opened officially in 1977.

In the garden of the museum, you will see a statue for Ahmed Shawqi, it was sculptured by the Egyptian sculptor Gamal El-Sagini.

Museums in Egypt
The statue of Ahmed Shawqi

In the ground floor of the museum, there is the library of Ahmed Sahwqi, which contains more than 332 books, in addition to manuscripts written by the Ahmed himself.

There are also the works of Mohamed Abdel Wahab, a very famous singer and composer, who sang many of Ahmed Shawqi’s poems.

The upper floor includes the bedroom of Ahmed Shawqi, in addition to the bedroom of his wife.

There is another room in the upper floor contains more than 750 manuscripts of the poet’s works, oil paintings, masterpieces, and pictures of Ahmed Shawqi.

Coptic Museum

Egyptian museums
The Coptic Museum

It is one of the amazing Egyptian museums. It locates on Margerges St., Misr Al Qadima, Cairo.

It contains the Coptic heritage like masterpieces, paintings, the architecture of churches, and Coptic monasteries, in addition to a large number of manuscripts that show the stories of the holy bible.

This museum is considered the only one that displays the Coptic art among the museums in Egypt and the largest museum of Coptic architecture in the world as well.

The museum contains the following sections:

Stones and stucco paintings, developing of Coptic writing and manuscripts, textiles section, ivory and icons, woods, metals, and glass & pottery section.

The number of museum gleanings is about 16000 and it was arranged in 12 sections.

Umm Kulthum Museum

Museums in Egypt
Umm Kulthum Museum

It is one of the most distinctive museums in Egypt. Umm Kulthum is one of the most famous singers in Egypt and Arab world.

Her museum was opened officially in 2001 and it includes a large number of medals and prizes that have been awarded to her, in addition, her dresses.

There is a room in the museum that displays the life story of Umm Kulthum within 77 years. This life story is displayed in a documentary movie to the visitors.

The Egyptian Museum

Egyptian museums
The Egyptian Museum

It is the most famous museum among the museum in Egypt, as it includes more than 120000 ancient Egyptian pieces.

The Egyptian Museum consists of two floors; the ground floor contains the artifacts and masterpieces of Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, and Late period, in addition to the Greco-Roman masterpieces.

The first floor has the pieces of the last dynasties in Pharaonic period, masterpieces that have been discovered in the Valley of the Kings, masterpieces of King Tutankhamen, and the mummies’ room, which contains about 27 royal mummies.

Museums in Egypt
The Egyptian Museum from inside

The museum has a library contains historical books about ancient Egyptian civilization in different languages, in addition to maps to go through the museum easily.

The faƧade of the museum takes the classical French style. The entrance is adorned above by two identical statues of goddess Isis while wearing a Roman dress. The museum is located in Selim Hassan St., El-Tahrir Sq., Cairo.

Now, we have mentioned the most amazing museums in Egypt that you must visit when you come.