Mosques in Egypt , discover the most interesting Egyptian mosques

There are many mosques in Egypt that gained a great fame as the most beautiful mosques in the world. If you come to Egypt, you must not miss the chance to visit such mosques and identify the Islamic architecture.

Now, we are going to talk about some amazing Egyptian mosques.

  1. Mosque of Sultan al-Muayyad
Mosques of Egypt
Mosque of Sultan al-Muayyad

It is one of the most beautiful mosques of Egypt. It locates in El-Ghoreya, El-Darb El-Ahmar District, Muizz Street in Cairo. It is near to Bab Zuweila. It is one of the oldest and well-known mosques in Egypt. It was built during the reign of Mamluks in Fatimid Cairo and it attracts a large number of tourists around the world.

Who is Sultan Al-Muayyad?

He was one of the Mamluks of An-Nasir Faraj who released him from bondage. After the death of An-Nasir Faraj, Al-Muayyad became the ruler of Egypt in 1422.

Interesting fact about Mosque of Sultan Al-Muayyad

Before building the mosque, there was a prison called “Khazayen Shamayel” in the place of this Egyptian mosque. Sultan Al-Muayyad was sent to prison before he came to power, as he was accused of treason-felony.

Al-Muayyad promised that if he was released, he would destroy this prison and build a new school and mosques in its place.

Mosque of Sultan Al-Muayyad is one of the most beautiful mosques of Egypt

After he became the sultan, he demolished the prison and bought the surrounding properties and demolished them also, and then he built this mosque and school.

It was one of the most beautiful mosques in Egypt. He started the building in 1415 B.C and completed it in 1420 B.C.

The description of the mosque

The ceiling, ground, and walls were made out of rare marble, which was brought from different areas around the world at that time.

It was really amazing, as the door was made out of copper works, in addition to the unique Minbar that was made out of wooden and copper works.

The mosque has the place of ablution, bathroom, accommodation for students, valuable library, in addition to the Mausoleum of the sultan and his family.

When you visit this Egyptian mosque, you can also visit the rest of the old Fatimid Cairo.

2. Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Egyptian museums
Mosque of Ibn Tulun

It is also one of the most beautiful and attractive mosques in Egypt. It was built by Ahmed Ibn Tulun in 263 Hijri. Ahmed Ibn Tulun spent about 120.000 Dinars to build it. He paid a great attention to the geometric matters.

The minaret of the mosque is the oldest one in Egypt and it takes the style of Samarra’s minarets at that time, as it takes the spiral- amphitheatric style.

The sultan Lajin made some amendments to this Egyptian mosque and ordered to build a watch inside it.

The mosque takes the classical style that has a large nave. It was one of the oldest mosques in Egypt that has not been changed or amended throughout the ages, unlike other mosques like Amr Ibn Al-Aas and Al-Azhar Mosque.

During the reign of Ayyubid dynasty, this Egyptian mosque became a university to teach the four doctrines of Fiqh.

3. Al-Hussein Mosque

Mosques of Egypt
Al-Hussein Mosque

This mosque locates in Old Cairo, Al-Hussein District. Beside this mosque, you can find Khan El-Khalili, Al-Azhar mosque, Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah, and Mousqi market.

This Egyptian mosque is surrounded by a set of old cafes like El-Fishawi and Wali El-Neeam. It was built during the Fatimid dynasty in 549 Hijri, 1145 B.C. under the supervision of the vizier Al-Salih Tala’I.

The mosque includes 3 doors built by white marble and overlooks Khan El-Khalili market, and another door beside the dome called the green door. This mosque is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in Egypt.

4. Mosque of Muhammad Ali

Egypt mosques
Mosque of Muhammad Ali

It was built by Muhammad Ali Pasha and it takes the Ottoman style of architecture like Hagia Sophia mosques in Turkey.

It is one of the most distinguished mosques in Egypt. Muhammad Ali built it inside the Saladin Citadel of Cairo at the time between 1830 and 1848.

The total area of the mosque is 5000 m2. The mosque is rectangular and it is divided into two sections; the eastern section, 2500 m2 and it is prepared for praying and the western section, 2500 m2, which includes the nave and the place of ablution.

Each section has two opposite doors and the eastern section has a high dame, its diameter is 21 m.

The walls of this Egyptian mosque are inlaid from inside and outside with marble, which imported from Beni Suef quarries.

At the upper part of the dome at the left side, there is a piece of marble, in which you can see the face of Britain Queen is carved when she visited the mosque in 1920 and also the British islands.

The western part of the mosque has a well, its depth is 20 m and it was used to put the water by the Shadoof in the nave for ablution.

At the upper-middle of the western Riwaq, there is a decorated copper tower. This tower contains a watch presented by Louis Philippe I, king of France to Muhammad Ali Pasha.

5. Mosque of Amr Ibn al-Aas

Mosques in Egypt
Mosque of Amr Ibn al-Aas

It is located in Fustat, Old Cairo District. It is the first mosque in Egypt and Africa to be built. Amr Ibn al-Aas, the leader of the Arab army built it in 20 Hijri, 641 B.C when he came to Egypt.

It was the center of the rule in Egypt and introduction of Islam, and then the city of Fustat was built around it. This city is considered the first capital in Islamic Egypt.

6. Al-Azhar Mosque

Egyptian mosques
Al-Azhar Mosque

It is the most famous mosque among mosques in Egypt and Arab world. It is a mosque and university at the same time. It was built by Jawhar, the leader of the Fatimid army, in 972 B.C.

It was named after Fatimah El-Zahraa, the daughter of the prophet Muhammad. When the Ayyubids ruled Egypt and controlled Cairo, they closed the mosque and it was closed for about 100 years.

When the Mamluks ruled Egypt, they reopened Al-Azhar mosque and paid a great attention to it until it became the light and beacon of different sciences like astronomy, medicine, mathematics, architecture, besides the religious sciences.

We can say that the Mamluk era was the golden era of Al-Azhar University and mosque.

Now, we have mentioned the interesting facts about mosques in Egypt.

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