Interesting facts about love and marriage in ancient Egypt

Love in the ancient Egyptian culture

Now we are going to talk about the love and marriage in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians knew how to celebrate the love in their life, even before the world nowadays has made the Valentine’s Day.

A lot of myths have appeared concerning the love and marriage in ancient Egypt and also a lot of ancient Egyptians writers have written the poems, myths, and the stories about love.

The ancient Egyptians wise men have talked about the love and the married life and the mutual respect between the spouses.

The mythical love story between Isis and Osiris, according to the ancient Egyptian mythology, considered one of the most famous stories in the Egyptian culture.

According to the story, Isis paid a great and strong love to her husband Osiris, as she collected his carnage from the nomes of Egypt after his death.

Also, we have the love story between king Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) and his wife Nefertiti, as she stood by him and supported him in his religious revolution and went to El-Amarna although the great opposition he faced. She also encouraged him to face all the difficulties and troubles.

Love and marriage in ancient Egypt
Love scene represents Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti

The ancient Egyptian culture has paid a great respect and attention to the values of love and sincerity. We have found an old text written by a teen girl. She was dreaming of the love and marriage, she wrote:

“You are the most handsome man in the world. I have a great passion for taking care of your properties, depending on me, and I will give you great feelings.”

We have also a lot of Pharaonic poems represent the true love and passion and at the same time show the feeling of self-respect.

Among these poems a young girl has written:

“The man who I love makes me feel with great passion to him when he talks. He let me as a prey to my concerns and longing. He is living beside my house but I could not know how to go to him. My heartbeats race when I think about him”.

  1. The magic as a treatment for jealousy

The ancient Egyptian poems reveal the feeling of love and jealousy. When the girl found that her lover flirted another girl she resorted to the magic.

We have found a lot of magical spells aimed at making her opponent losing her hair and became ugly. It is known that the hair is the crown and the sign of beauty for the woman.

The woman in ancient Egypt also used the amulets to make the incurious lover paid an attention to her.

Also, the man was using these amulets to have the woman that he wanted. Not only that but also he was praying to the gods to help them in persuading the woman he loved.

When the girl did not find her soul mate, she went to goddess Hathor and prayed to her.

  1. The age of marriage in ancient Egypt

The girl married in the age between 12 to 14 years, but the boys married at the age between 16 to 18 years. The consent of the parents was very important.

The Egyptologist “Swizzo” has discovered an ancient Egyptian text showed that the relatives of both the bride and the groom were preparing a drink consisted of a small quantity of blood from both the bride and the groom to put the love and intimacy inside them.

Now we have mentioned the most interesting facts about love and marriage in ancient Egypt.
Facts about love in ancient Egypt
A scene of love and affection