Interesting facts about ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt facts

The ancient Egyptian history has mentioned a lot of facts about ancient Egypt. Now we are going to talk about some of these Egyptian facts.

  • The name of Egypt in Arabic language “Masr” was a very old name. It dates back to the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The Egyptologists have found it in the ancient texts, as Egypt was mentioned “Magar”, “Mashar”, and “Metshar”, which means the protected.

  • The penalty for tomb robbery all over the Egyptian history was the death penalty and in the New Kingdom was the impalement.
  • One of the most interesting Egypt facts was that when king Ramses II has started building his temple at Abu Simbel, he intended to dedicate this temple to god Amun, and then he changed his intention and dedicated it to both himself and the solar doctrine.
Facts about ancient Egypt
King Ramses II
  • The oldest adoption in the Egyptian history was the scribe “Re Ms” when adopted a person called “Kn Hr Kbesh If”.
  • The most of statues and artifacts at the period of El-Amarna was made by an Egyptian artist called “Djehuti Ms”.
Facts about ancient Egypt
El-Amarna style of art
  • The kings of early dynastic period till the 3rd dynasty had 2 tombs; one at the South at Abydos and it was symbolic, and the other was in the North and it was the real one.
  • Among the facts about ancient Egypt was after the death of king Ramses III, the kingdom entered into the age of chaos and darkness, as a lot of people has been born and died during the era of that king, and a very few people were remembering the events that happened before him.
  • The bread and beer were the main food for the most of the people in ancient Egypt.
  • The oldest peace treaty in the history was between king Ramses II and the Hittite king Khatosel III.
Ancient Egypt facts
The battle of Kadesh

The treaty was after the battle of Kadesh by 10 years, as this battle was with another king who was Motali.

King Ramses II married a Hittite princess after the treaty was signed by 5 years, and then king Ramses II married her sister. The battle of Kadesh was with 2 Hittite kings, not only one.

  • The oldest asylum in the ancient Egyptian history was the Hittite crown prince “Orhi Tishop” who fled to Egypt after his uncle Khatosel III usurped the throne.

Orhi Tishop became the guest of king Ramses II even after the signing of the peace treaty between the two kingdoms.

  • Among the ancient Egyptian facts was the oldest scene of Bullfighting, as we have found a scene was found on the walls of Abydos temple.
Ancient Egypt facts
A scene represented Bullfighting

This scene represented king Ramses II and his crown prince “Amun Hr Kbesh If” while taming a number of bulls. This sport was one of the most famous sports in ancient Egypt.

  • Jean-François Champollion deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphics found on the Rosetta stone, but he never visited Egypt. He only visited it after the deciphering.
Egypt facts
Jean-François Champollion

Champollion has only attributed the deciphering of the hieroglyphs, but there was another British scholar called Thomas Young who started working on the hieroglyphic inscriptions but Champollion continued after him.

Now we have mentioned a list of interesting facts about ancient Egypt.