Imhotep, the ancient Egypt architect and physician, facts about Imhotep

The Egyptian architect Imhotep

No one has gained the fame in ancient Egypt more than Imhotep, the architect, physician, the high priest, and the scholar. Now we are going to mention some interesting facts about him.

Imhotep was one of the unique characters. He was multi-talents, so he was called the wise. He lived during the age of king Djoser at the 3rd dynasty. The Egyptians still remembered him for 3000 years after his death.

They loved him so much, so they promoted him to the rank of gods as he became the god of Medicine and he was identified with different gods. Imhotep was born in the village of “Ankh Tawy” at Memphis 3000 years B.C.

His father was “Ka Nofer” from the ordinary people and his mother was “Khrdu Ankh”. He was born in the 3rd month of the harvest season (the month of shmu in ancient Egypt).

Imhotep has involved in different activities during his lifetime as he was:

  • The vizier of king Djoser.
  • Physician.
  • Architect.
  • Wise man and scribe.
  • The high priest.
  • Astronomer.
Facts about the ancient Egyptian architect Imhotep
Imhotep, the vizier, and architect

Beside all these jobs, he was the senior of judges, and he undertook different tasks like supervising on the royal records, the holder of the royal seal, the chief of all royal affairs, and the supervisor of the kingdom.

He was also the chief of the architects in Upper and Lower Egypt. He worked in his field like his father and became very skillful.

Imhotep designed the pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara which consists of 6 Mastabas above each other and its height was 65 meters.

It was built from the limestone and it has a lot of passages which lead to a deep well which contains the body of the king. This pyramid was a great evidence of the extraordinary abilities of Imhotep as an architect.

The pyramid of Saqqara (the 1st stone building in the history) paved the way for building the rest of pyramids like the great pyramid.

Facts about the Egyptian architect Imhotep
The pyramid of king Djoser

Not only that, but he also planned and designed the complex of this pyramid, as it was considered the first intact complex in the ancient Egyptian history.

Imhotep also has built a temple in Edfu, but unfortunately, it became ruins. We have ancient Egypt texts and scenes refer to Imhotep as an astronomer, as he was observing the movement of orbs and the eclipse.

He also gained a great fame in Medicine. Manetho has mentioned that he was a skillful physician so he was deified as the god of Medicine.

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate (EMS) and Cairo University has adopted the slogan of Imhotep while setting down as a sign of science and medicine.

Now we have mentioned the most important and interesting facts about the ancient Egypt architect and physician Imhotep.