Facts about mummification in ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt facts about mummification

Now we are going to mention some interesting facts about mummification in ancient Egypt. Mummification is the process which the body becomes preserved from decaying.

As we see the ancient Egyptian mummies still preserved and keeps its skin, hands, legs and hair preserved.

At the very early period, the Egyptians were buried in a very small pit in the desert, by the time the corpses were exposed for drying and rot.

By the time Egypt became more wealthy and advanced in building so the nobles and leaders of the society built tombs to be buried in it.

Over the centuries the Egyptian found a way to preserve the corpses which is the “mummification”.

Why did the Egyptians mummify their kings?

Facts about Egypt, mummification
Mummification in ancient Egypt

The Egyptians thought of the afterlife or the life after death so they mummified their pharaohs to enable the “akh” which means the spirit to identify the king and come to him to rebirth again.

Egyptian facts about the method which the Egyptians followed to mummify their kings

The Egyptian embalmers were very skilled at the mummification as we find the mummies of the pharaohs still preserved.

  • At the beginning, they washed the body of the dead by the water of the Nile
  • After that, they made a cut in the lift side of his body.
  • Through this cut, they take out all the viscera from the belly because the viscera are the first part of the body to root.
  • The liver, lungs, and stomach were washed and put in natron (white and crystalline salt which absorbs water from the body.
  • It was used for the mummification process to absorb the water from the body).
  • They left the heart inside the body because the ancient Egyptians thought that the heart is the center of feeling and thinking and knowledge.
  • They put the organs of the body into four vases, called Canopic Jars.
Canopic jars
Ancient Egypt facts, Canopic jars

The top of each vase formed the shape of the Four Sons of Horus. The liver was put in the vase which topped by Imset who was depicted with a human head.

The lungs were put in the vase of Hapi who was depicted with a baboon’s head. The stomach was put in the vase of Duamutef with the head of a jackal.

The viscera was put in the vase topped by the falcon-headed Kebehsenouf.

  • After the viscera, they get out the brain from the head via the nose.
  • After getting out the organs they clean the body with wine and spices.
  • They put the body after that in the natron for 70 days to absorb the water from the body.

Then they washed the body and roll it with the linen.

Ancient Egypt mummy
Facts about Egypt, ancient Egyptian mummy