Facts about ancient Egyptian gods, facts about god Amun in ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian gods, god Amun

You can find here some interesting facts about ancient Egyptian gods, as we are going to talk about god Amun as one of the most important of them.

God Amun is a god of sun, wind, and fertility. He is one of the most significant gods in the ancient Egyptian mythology.

Its name means “the hidden one”, and no one knows how to pronounce it nowadays because the ancient Egyptian language (Hieroglyphics) was using the consonants.

Facts about Egyptian god Amun: his titles

He got many titles in ancient Egypt, among them:

  • In the late period, he was named “Kamatef”, who was an ancient Egyptian deity represented the penis. The ancient Egyptian made a lot of amulets had the shape of this god.
  • The master of the sun, as he was symbolized by the sun disk between two horns.
  • The master of fertility, as he took the features of god “Min”.
  • The master of wind, as he took the characteristics of god “Shu”.
  • The master of war, as he took the form of god “Montu”, the god of war in ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt gods facts: Places of his cult

His cult was spread in each place in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians have built the temples for him.

One of the most important temples in Egypt and the world was the Karnak temple, which was dedicated to god Amun. Every king made additions to this temple, so it considered the largest temple in the world.

His main place was in “Thebes”. This city remained the main place of his cult till the end of the Pharaonic era.

His family

His wife was goddess “Amunet” the feminine name of “Amun”. His son was god “Khonum” the god o the moon in ancient Egypt.

His forms

  • He was represented in a human shape, and he wears a crown above his head.

This crown was adorned by two feathers, which were taken from god “Min”. One of these feathers was in red color, and the other in green.

Sometimes he was represented by a sun disk while holding the “Was” sign in his right hand, and the “Ankh”, the sign of life in his left hand. He also got a long beard turning in the down.

Egyptian facts, facts about god Amun
God Amun in a human body with 2 feathers above his head
  • Sometimes he was represented in the shape of god “Min” and holding the whip while sitting upon the throne.
  • In other times he was represented in human body with ram head.
Ancient Egypt facts, god Amun
God Amun represented in ram head

His importance

God “Amun” had a great importance in ancient Egypt, as he was the hidden one who controlled the wind.

He got the ability to create himself once again, and converting into serpent without its skin.

In the 4th dynasty, he united with god “Re” and formed the official deity in ancient Egypt, which called “Amun-Re”.

Consequently, the ancient Egypt belief united, as the ancient Egyptian considered that all the deities were found to be close to “Amun-Re”, especially in the new Kingdom.

He was a member of the eight ancient Egyptian gods which formed the Oghdoad of Al-Ashmonin. He had a great role in creating the world as the creation theory of Al-Ashmonin said.

The ancient Egyptians referred to him as the infinity space of the creator. In the Middle Kingdom, king Amenmhat I considered his as the official deity of the kingdom.

Ancient Egypt had a lot of gods, and the scholars considered god Amun as one of the most important god among the list of ancient Egyptian gods.

Facts about Egypt, god Amun
Facts about ancient Egypt gods, god Amun