Facts about ancient Egypt army, what are the military titles of Pharaonic army?

Facts about ancient Egypt, Egyptian army

Here we are going to mention some interesting facts about ancient Egypt army.

The Egyptian military is one of the oldest armies in the history of mankind. Some scholars consider it as the first organized army in the history.

Like any other army, the ancient Egyptian army constituted of a lot of ranks, posts, and occupations.

Each post had its own title. We had a lot of titles in the Pharaonic army, which we are going to talk about the important of them.

  1. Ancient Egyptian facts: Army Scribe (sš mšˁ)

It is one of the most important military titles. It appeared in the Middle Kingdom in the 12th dynasty. This title also meant “the expedition scribe”.

“Theny” was the first man to have this title, as he served in the army during the reign of King Thutmose IV.

The main mission of Army Scribe was to write and register the names of soldiers and officers who would take part in the battles, and also write the names of males who were supposed to perform their military service.

Some Hieroglyphic inscriptions and scenes in the tomb of King Horemheb showing that among the missions of the Army Scribe were supervising all the royal scribes.

A scene in the tomb of King Horemheb representing the process of conscription in ancient Egypt, as it shows an Army Scribe holds a roll of Papyrus containing the names, cities, and villages of males.

  1. Ancient Egypt army facts: Supervisor of works (ỉmy-r k3t)
The most of the leaders and army scribes at the reign of King Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton) were holding the title of supervisor of works.

Among the most famous leaders who got this title were “Maai” who got the title of supervisor of royal works, and the leader “Baton-M-Hap”, became the supervisor of works at the quarry of the Red Sea.

Horemheb also undertook, besides his responsibilities as an Army Scribe and army leader, the mission of supervising the brickworks which related to god Amun at the reign of King Tutankhamen.

  1. Facts about Egypt: The high commander of the army (ỉmy-r mšˁ wr)
Ancient Egypt facts, Egyptian army
Facts about ancient Egypt army, the commander of the army

Of course, the Pharaoh was the high commander of the ancient Egyptian army. This title appeared in the Middle Kingdom, and it referred also to the army of one district or united districts.

At the time of the New Kingdom, the Pharaoh was at the head of the army, as he led the army by himself.

The king used to appoint a crown prince during the campaigns and also appointing two generals, one to lead the army of Upper Egypt and the other to lead Lower Egypt army.

  1. The warrior (ˁh3wty)

The leader “Ahmose Abana” was the most famous man who got this title under the rule of King Amenhotep I. This title meant that the person who held it became the warrior of the King.

This title meant also the professional warrior, who had a great experience in the wars and battles. Ancient Egypt has a lot of facts, and the facts about ancient Egypt army are among the most important.