Ethics of ancient Egyptian and morals

Ethics of ancient Egyptians


Ethics of ancient Egyptian and their morals were an integral part of their civilization. It is not possible to find a great civilization without morals.

Although the new world calling for the ethical principles, they never abide by the religious and ethical principles existed in the teaching of Islam and Christianity not only that, but they also forgot the ancient Egyptian ethics and morals.

So which ethical principals that the new world calling for?!

Did they understand the ethics of ancient Egyptian which learned the whole world a lot of things in different fields?

But we found this world claimed about the Hebrew civilization and other civilizations. As well as these talks completely taken from the ancient Egyptian civilization, so hey you! Especially who talks about the Egyptian ethical teachings or does research for these ancient Egyptian morals through the history pages, so why did not you mention the ancient Egyptian facts, although you know more and more about these facts or you afraid of the Zionism and Zionist teachings which you applied in our society.

The main purpose of this article is defending our ancient civilization which was the first one to call with ethics and morals.

Just look with me to the high ethics of ancient Egyptian civilization which helped the Egyptians to establish a great civilization in the whole world, whereas the ancient Egyptian civilization attained a great achievement in different fields especially in the architectural field as they built pyramids, temples, and tombs.

The ancient Egyptian applied the justice in their states because it was as responsibility and behavior at the same time. According to that, this ancient civilization worthed the title of “the civilization of the high moral” and there is no competing with this great civilization in the past or at the present.

The ancient Egyptian Ethical principles date back to the prehistoric era, so before talking about the accurate details of the ancient Egyptian ethical principles we must narrate the most important facts which occurred in whole different periods whether the civilizational prosperity or civilizational intermediate periods without any exaggeration.

As we learned from the history, there was a historical conflict between the evil and good  according to that the ancient Egyptians drew into perpetual conflict but they avoid drawing into the conflicts and doing the good because they believed that their life is a short trip, so they must do the good because it was the only way to the eternal life after that they will live in the heaven, nevertheless; we cannot deny that the ancient Egyptians were not angels, and that is because the ancient Egyptians are human beings and absolutely as we know that the committing sins are one of the human nature. Nevertheless; at the end the good triumph over the evil.

We put some principles which were the basis of the Egyptian faith to live a better life to reach the eternal life. The ancient Egyptians believed that the life is a short trip, and we must live in peace and workmanship to reach the eternal life peacefully, as they believed in retribution and punishment.

The ancient Egyptian civilization has been established on some Ideological basis and Ethical Principles:-

  1. The Monotheism:-

All studies, researchers and translated documents which conducted on the Egyptian gods have shown that the Egyptians believed in a one god who created the whole Universe.

There were a lot of ancient Egyptian gods such as “Aker”  a goddess of the Earth and the horizon, “Anat” a goddess of the war and the fertility, “Iah”  a goddess of moon  “Input”  a goddess of the dead and mummification, “Hapi”  a goddess  of the Nile flood “Iat” a goddess of the milk and nursing “Osiris” a goddess of  the death,  “Sopdu” a goddess of the sky and of Egypt’s eastern border regions, “Sobek” Crocodile god, worshipped in the Faiyum and at Kom Ombo and “Ra” the foremost Egyptian sun god…. etc. Although there were different ancient Egyptian gods and fantasy books which talks about the creation of the universe they believed that there is a one god who created this universe, it is a superpower which inherits behind the sundeck.

They also believed that the whole universe was created by the abbey water, and absolutely there is a god was a self-created deity, but there is a question, how did the ancient Egyptians reach to these ideas until today?

The scientists always make common mistakes in their historical researches whereas they never want to confess that there is a one god who created the whole universe, especially in the predynastic period whether in the ancient Egyptian civilization or other civilizations. The common mistakes which they make that they always say “ religions and god prehistory” and sometimes dates back their researchers to “ the Great Flood era”, Consequently, the facts came lies and great unknown mysteries which confused the whole world.

The evidence which proved that the ancient Egyptians believed that there is a one god who created the whole world, also they believed in the eternal life, and all these true facts have been documented and written in the Papyrus and on the wall of the temples and tombs whereas these facts represented the ethics of ancient Egyptian, morals, and beliefs which date back to the first descents of the ancient Egyptian civilization before the Monotheism  or Akhenaten era.

The king Akhenaten was not the first one who believed in a one god, but some scientists said that “Akhenaten was not the first king declared the Monotheism” so please I ask you to research for this point again.

So any thinker must confess that there is a one god who created the whole universe and there is an eternal life.

Also, this Monotheism, believing in the eternal life and “Pitah Houteb and-and Amanoby teachings” just led the ancient Egyptians to hold on to the ethical principles and high morals, as well as they, were very good at the Architecture arts whereas they built pyramids, temples, and tombs.

2-   Ethics of ancient Egyptians: obeying parents:-

Obeying parents was one of the most  important ethics and morals in the ancient Egyptian civilization, and some of the inscriptions which engraved on the tombs that  belonged to the old kingdom confirmed that ancient Egyptians obeyed and respected their parents and they must be more polite with every member of the family and other members of the society also.

Respecting and obeying parents were significant humanitarian virtues and one of the most important ethics of ancient Egyptian.

There were some inscriptions on the wall of one of the Senior statesmen’s tomb which dates back to 2500 B.C, he said that ” my parents loved me so much because I was friendly with my sister and dealing my brother with good behavior”.

As well as, we found several engravings on the walls of tombs, especially the graves of the dead people who beloved from his parents, sisters, and brothers.

All of this proves that the ancient Egyptians have great ethics and morals.

When The son of Zaw buried with his father in the same tomb, he said that “ I was buried with my father to be with him in the same place, although I can build another tomb for me, I wanted to be buried with my father to see him every day.

The ancient Egyptians obeyed and respected their parents, sisters, and brothers.

The English sociologist “ Macdougal” said that the love and tenderness of the parents are considered as a high care of their children, and this was great ethics in ancient Egyptian civilization.

Now, we have mentioned the most interesting facts about ethics of ancient Egyptian and morals.

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