Egyptian discovery, statue of king Ramses II was discovered in a slum

Facts about the great Egyptian discovery

A new Egyptian discovery revealed yesterday, on Thursday the 9th of March, 2017.

The Egyptians and interesting people around the world have been paying a great attention to social media to the discovery of the statues of Ramses II and Seti II which were discovered under the debris at the district of El-Matarya in Cairo.

  1. The beginning

The Egyptian-German expedition discovered 2 statues at a working area at El-Matrya. One of those statues belongs to king Ramses II, and the other belongs to king Seti II.

The length of the Ramses II’s statue is about 7 or 8 meters, while the statue of king Seti II is a bust one.

  1. The users of Social Media
Facts about the Egyptian discovery
The Egyptian discovery of the statue of Ramses II

The users of Social Media websites criticized severely the ministry of antiquities after they saw the photos of the excavation which reveal the process of unearthing the statues.

The workers used the loaders and heavy drilling instruments. The comments on this process have varied, some of these comments were sarcastic, while the others were severe attacking over the officials of the ministry who did not follow the modern and scientific methods, especially after they saw the statues in a very bad condition, as they were broken into pieces.

The professor Zeinab Hashesh, the expert of archeology in the ministry of Antiquities has said that the damaging of the statue of king Ramses II did not happen because of the loaders or the instruments, all what said was just rumors.

The most of the archeologists know that the colossal statues are being divided into pieces.

The colossal statues were damaged as a result of natural factors like Earthquakes or human factors like destroying it by some people or invasion such as what the Persian have done in many Egyptian temples, she added.

Detshar Raw, the head of German expedition team has said that the expedition now are unearthing the statues, and it will be transferred to the site of El-Masalla for the restoration works, then it will be transferred to one of the grand museums in Egypt.

He added also that the expedition is working for excavating most likely statues in the site before leaving it.

The Daily Express newspaper has described the discovery of the statues of both kings is one of the most important discoveries.

The newspaper also said that the statues were discovered under the earth in one of the villages of old Heliopolis and these statues were made out of Quartz.

  1. El-Matarya
It is one of the oldest archeological sites in the world and it has certified maps preserved at the ministry of Antiquities. This indicates that this area has a lot of antiquities.

In general, this discovery considers one of the most important ancient Egypt discoveries in our modern times.

The Egyptian discovery of the statues
A piece of the statue of Ramses II