Egypt facts about god Ptah, and the first revolution in the history

facts about Egyptian god Ptah

We would like to mention some facts about Egyptian god Ptah, and the first revolution in the history of mankind.

God Ptah

Ptah was one of the oldest and most prominent deities of the ancient Egyptian pantheon.

He was the creator deity of Memphis who was usually depicted as a mummy with his hands protruding from the wrappings holding a composite scepter that combines the Djed, the Was, and the Ankh sign.

His head was shaven and covered by a tight fitting skull cap leaving the ears exposed. From the Middle Kingdom in Ancient Egypt, he was represented with a straight beard.

Apart from this, the basic iconography of his image remained almost unchanged throughout the Pharaonic period. In the Hellenistic times, he was identified with the Greek deity Hephaistos.

Ptah was the patron deity of Memphis, the capital of Egypt during the old kingdom, and the head of its sacred triad which consists of Ptah, Sekhmet, and Nefertum.

Imhotep, the deified architect of the Saqqara step pyramid, came to be regarded as a son of Ptah, although he was not considered to be a member of the Memphite triad.

Ptah’s original cultic association seems to have been with craftsmen. He was traditionally the protector of artisans and craftsmen. The high priest of Ptah held the title of “supreme leader of craftsmen.

This connection with artisans and with the production of artifacts probably contributed to the elevation of his cult into that of a universal creator deity, by proclaiming the names of everything that exists.

As such he was the most ancient and supreme divinity who conjured the universe and the gods into being.

Predating the ingenious creation concept of a solar deity issuing forth from the primordial lotus, the enduring Ptah encompassed the other gods within his divine essence.

Egypt facts about God Ptah during Old Kingdom

Egyptian facts about god Ptah
facts about god Ptah
During the Old Kingdom, the cult of Ptah gradually imposed on that of another Memphite deity, the hawk-headed Sokar resulting in the emergence of a funerary deity known as Ptah-Sokar.

by the late period, this combined deity had also taken the attributes of Osiris, resulting in the appearance of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris.

Egypt facts about the first revolution in the Egyptian history

the first revolution in Egyptian hsitory
facts about the first revolution in Egypt

The first revolution in the Egyptian history happened in the reign of king Pepi II, as it’s the first time that the Egyptians revolted against the king.

What are the reasons or the background of this revolution?

At the beginning, we must know who is king Pepi II. Pepi II was the last ruler of the 6th dynasty and the last ruler of the old kingdom.

He ruled Egypt after the death of his brother, he was 6 years old when he ascended the throne and he died at the age of 100 years so he ruled Egypt about 94 years.

He considered the longest king that ever ruled in both ancient and modern Egypt and maybe the longest ruler of the history of the mankind.

His last years represented the weakness of the country and the collapse of the old kingdom and the beginning of what we call “the first intermediate period” for this reasons:

  • Increasing the power of the governor of the province.
  • The king ruled the country with the firm centralized governments.

However, it seemed from the late 5th dynasty and the early of 6th dynasty this authority is started to reach of the governors of the provinces.

  • The long reign of the king
Pepi II ruled for 94 years. This should affect everything in the country especially the governors of the provinces and the priests.

For this reason, the long reign of Pepi II affected the country in the last years of his reign. The real authority was in the hand of governors, priests, and the army leaders.

There was a famine happened in his last years because of the lack of the inundation which caused crop failure and famine in all the country.

This reasons made the Egyptians revolted for the first time in the Egyptian history and the chaos spread in the country.

The old kingdom collapsed. Egypt entered into a dark age called “the first intermediate period” which lasted for about 125 years.

Egypt facts about god Ptah and the first revolution are really worth to talk about.