Education in ancient Egypt, interesting facts

Ancient Egyptian Education


Education in ancient Egypt was very developed, as the ancient Egyptian civilization paid a great attention to the Education because the Egyptians realized that the Education was the only way to be a powerful kingdom.

The ancient Egyptians cared about the Education through 3 ways:

  • The Vocational Education: that aimed to teach the learner the skills of the different crafts.
  • Teaching the writing: the ancient Egyptian scribe had his own value, as this profession considered one of the most appreciated ones in ancient Egypt.
  • The teaching of ethics: the ancient Egyptian society cared about the morals and values. They considered them as more important than the Education itself.

The Egyptian civilization is one of the fewest civilizations to reveal its secrets about Education.

We have discovered their methods of Education via the pyramids, scenes on the walls of tombs and temples, mummies, and different texts. The Egyptologists have made great efforts to illustrate the system of Education.

  1. The role of the family toward the child

When the child grew he found himself raised up with a concordant family, each member of the family loved the other members, this culture has been found in the Egyptian society since old times until now.

  1. The Physical Education in ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians realized the importance of the sports and Physical Education to the children. We have a lot of scenes show the young boys and girls do different kinds of sports.

These sports were being played in the schools or the house. The sports of boys were totally different from the girls.

  1. The writing

The ancient Egyptian invented the writing in the 4th millennia B.C. They paid a great respect to the scribe and made him unified with god Thoth, the god of science and Education in ancient Egypt.

  1. The purposes of Education in ancient Egypt
  • To work in the governmental jobs.
  • To serve in the temples as a priest.
  • To prepare great fighters and soldiers via the Military Education.
  1. The Educational stages in ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Education
Education in ancient Egypt
  • The primary stage: at the beginning, the child was studying at the primary stage in a small school attached to the temple or at the house.
  • The regular stage: each student was joining his colleges and they studied together.
  • The applied stage: at this stage, the public servants and employers from different sectors in the kingdom were entitled to teach the students.

These employers were from different sectors like the administration of the kingdom, politics, religion, and military.

  • The stage of public knowledge: this stage was exclusive for the sons of the kings, noblemen, and high officials of the country.
  1. The Math

The students in ancient Egypt were learning different types of sciences among them the Math. They learned the simple operations like the Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

  1. Music and dancing

Although the music and dancing had great importance in ancient Egypt, but we could not find any curriculums explained how the Egyptians were teaching these arts.

But we have found that the priests were entitled to teach the girls the art of music and dance.

  1. The Medicine

Of course, the Mummification required a great and accurate knowledge of the body organs and their place, its functions, and the methods of their working.

The Mummification also required the knowledge of chemical reactions, drugs, and pharmacology. One of the most famous medical schools in ancient Egypt located in the city of “Sais” one of the capitals of ancient Egypt.

Now we have mentioned interesting facts about Education in ancient Egypt.
Facts about Education in ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Education