Curse of Tutankhamun, interesting facts about curse of the pharaohs

Tutankhamun's curse

The curse of Tutankhamun or the curse of the pharaohs is one of the most interesting and mysterious secrets about the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The curse of pharaohs refers to the belief that any person tries to bother or disturb the mummy of any ancient Egyptian, especially a king; he would be punished by this curse.

It thought that this curse caused the disease or death to the thieves or archeologists who tried to enter any Pharaonic tomb.

During the middle of the 20th century, a lot of books and documentary movies discussed the scientific reasons of Tutankhamun’s curse. These movies and books proposed some reasons like Bacteria or radiations.

Nevertheless, the recent studies have shown that the curse of the pharaohs is merely a cultural phenomenon, not a scientific one.

The myth of the curse of Tutankhamun started in 1922 when Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the boy king.

The first thing he noticed was inscriptions said that:

“With his powerful wings, he will beat anyone tries to disturb the king”.

This phrase was found written on one of the walls of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

After that, a series of strange events and disasters happened, like the sudden death of a lot of workers who were working in discovering the tomb, among them some archaeologists.

A lot of people linked these events to the curse of the pharaohs, as they thought that the priests of ancient Egypt muttered their curse at anyone tried to move the monuments from its original place.

Some people have pretended that a strong sandstorm has moved around the tomb of the king on the day that it was opened.

Also, they claimed that there was a falcon soared above the tomb, and we know that the falcon was one of the sacred symbols in ancient Egypt.

There was a German scholar who worked on this issue, trying to explain by logic, Medicine, and Chemistry how nearly 40 scientists and scholars died as a result of the curse of Tutankhamun.

We must know that king Tutankhamun had no historical value and he did not achieve anything during his reign.

But he gained this worldwide fame because of 2 reasons:

  • The first one is that he was the only ancient Egyptian king that we found his tomb intact or semi-intact after 33 centuries.
  • The second one is that his name was linked with the curse of the pharaohs.
Curse of Tutankhamun
The tomb of king Tutankhamun

The German scholar has noticed that the 40 persons died as a result of petty reasons and he did not find any scientific reason. King Tutankhamun ruled Egypt for 9 years from 1358 BC until 1349 BC.

The British press has published a lot of news and articles related to these accidents, but were it true? Let’s see some of them.

Once, they published that the first group who entered the tomb found copra, and this copra ate the canary of Howard Carter, the discoverer of the tomb.

The British news also added that this copra is a royal one which we find it on the crown of the Egyptian king and this was clear evidence that the boy king took the revenge from those who disturbed him.

Another story was published which was:

At the official ceremony of the discovering the tomb, Dr. Mohammed Zakaria, a member of the group who entered the tomb died as a result of an unexplained fever, as a lot of physicians did not find any explanation for this fever.

At the same night, the electricity was cut off in Cairo without a clear reason, as the British press claimed.

They pretended also that all these events happened as a result of an order issued by the boy pharaoh.

The newspaper also mentioned that Dr. Mohammed Zakaria was wounded by a poisoned harpoon and this poison was very strong because it managed to keep its effect after 3000 years.

And now after what we have mentioned about the curse of Tutankhamun, do you believe in the curse of the pharaohs?
Curse of Tutankhamun
King Tutankhamun