Best touristic places in Aswan, know touristic attractions in Aswan

In Egypt, you can discover the best touristic places in Aswan. If you travel to Egypt, do not miss the touristic attractions in Aswan, but what are these attractions?

In this article, you are going to know the best touristic places in Aswan.

  1. Temple of Edfu
Touristic places in Aswan, Edfu temple
Temple of Edfu

The Temple of Edfu or the Temple of Horus in Edfu is located in Egypt, Aswan. It is considered the second largest temple after the Karnak Temple and it represents one of the last attempts of the Ptolemaic Dynasty to build   temples in the style of their ancestors.

The temple of Horus took about 180 years to be built. The temple of Edfu is one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt and is distinguished by its great construction and splendor.

It is unique among all the ancient Egyptian temples, as it is intact or almost complete, while most of the temples in Egypt are in bad condition, so it is considered one of the best touristic places in Aswan.

The temple dates back to the Ptolemaic era. Edfu is an important city in Upper Egypt and it enjoyed prosperity and stability during the Pharaonic era.

The city of Edfu is famous for its temple, which is considered one of the most beautiful and complete temples of Egypt because its elements are very integrated. The temple is rich in its large number of scenes and hieroglyphics texts that reflect the distinctive style of art.

The Edfu temple is one of the most important touristic attractions for tourists during their journey to Egypt, especially after the transportation has become much easier than before. August Mariette discovered this magnificent temple in 1860.

The temple of Edfu was characterized by the presence of some exotic elements on the temples of Egypt during the Greek and Roman era, such as building the temple on a higher ground and the gradual rise of the floor of the temple where the floor rises as we go inside, in addition to other elements such as the scale of the Nile.

  1. Lake Nasser
Touristic attractions in Aswan, Lake Nasser
Lake Nasser

About 83% of Lake Nasser locates on Egypt, while the other 17% locates on Sudan and it is called Nubian Lake.

Lake Nasser is the largest industrial lake in the world. It was formed with the beginning of the construction of the High Dam in Aswan in 1958 and it is considered as one of the touristic places in Aswan.

The lake was named after the departed President Gamal Abdel Nasser, as the High Dam was built during his reign.

  1. Nubian Museum
Touristic places in Aswan, Nubian Museum
Nubian Museum

The Nubian Museum in Aswan is a museum established by UNESCO in Egypt to display the monuments of the ancient Nubian civilization and it is considered as one of the most touristic attractions in Aswan.

It contains information about the history of Nubia from prehistoric times to the present, with a review of Nubian customs and traditions, and the ancient Nubian language.

This museum was designed by the Egyptian engineer Mahmoud El-Hakim. The design of the museum imitates the surrounding Nubian environment of rocks, hills, and hot sun of Aswan.

The Nubian museum is a large garden that contains different masterpieces from different eras.

  1. Temple of Kom Ombo
Touristic attractions in Aswan, Kom Ombo temple
Temple of Kom Ombo

Koum Ombo Temple is located in Kom Ombo in Aswan Governorate, southern Egypt and it is considered one of the best touristic places in Aswan.

The temple was built during the reign of Ptolemy VI for worshiping the gods Sobek and Horus. Lately, the temple was restored and the area was renewed.

The Temple of Kom Ombo was built during the reign of Ptolemy VI Philometor, but its decoration was not completed until the Roman era during the time of Emperor Tiberius.

In this temple, we see the same characteristics in the other Ptolemaic temples in terms of design, architecture, and decoration.

However, this temple has a particular feature that resulted from the local worship in the place, as people worshiped two local gods, Sobek and Horus who had a falcon head.

Although these two gods differed in origin and character, they lived side by side for centuries.

The walls of the temple are decorated with Egyptian decoration and characterized by the precision of its manufacture, good harmony, and the beauty of balance between the scenes and the surrounding hieroglyphic inscriptions.

  1. Philae Island
Touristic places in Aswan, Philae Island
Philae Island

Philae Island locates in the middle of the Nile River and it was one of the strongest forts along the southern border of Egypt. It divides the Nile into two different channels in Aswan.

Philae temple was moved from its original location on the island to Aglika Island to be collected there, after building the High Dam.

The name of Philae or “Vilay” means in the Greek language the beloved, but the Arabic name for it is Anas el-Wugood, referring to the legend of Anas in the stories of Arabian Nights.

The ancient Egyptian and Coptic name is Belak or Belakh, meaning the limit or end because it was the last border of Egypt in the south. The island of Philae locates 899 km away from Cairo in the heart of the Nile.

In addition to being one of the most important archaeological areas, the island enjoys a temperate and dry climate due to its location on the eastern bank of the Nile, making it one of the best touristic attractions in Aswan. It is considered also the Egyptian gateway to the African continent.

  1. Unfinished Obelisk
Touristic attractions in Aswan, unfinished obelisk
Unfinished Obelisk

It is a pink granite obelisk in Aswan, locates in the northern part of a quarry there; this quarry locates near Aswan on the eastern shore of the Nile and about 1 km east of the Nile. The height of the obelisk would reach about 7 and 41 meters.

The time of digging the obelisk is not known and it is believed that the work began during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut for the purpose of placing it in the temple of Karnak in Luxor.

After the ancient Egyptian workers have carved the obelisk on its three sides, they discovered a crack in it, so the work has stopped.

Visitors can visit the obelisk, which reflects the way of how the ancient Egyptians worked in cutting stones.

  1. Sehel Island
Touristic places in Aswan, Sehel Island
Sehel Island

Sehel Island is one of Egypt’s Nile islands, which locates in south of the city of Aswan.

It has a Nubian village, which is considered one of the touristic attractions in Aswan that enable you to know more about Nubian culture.

Sehel Island is a wonderful place where there is a souvenirs market. The houses there are distinguished by their wonderful colors, in addition to the view of the Nile.

Now, we have mentioned the best touristic places in Aswan, waiting for your visit.

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