Anesthesia in ancient Egypt, ancient Egyptian medicine

Ancient Egyptian anesthesia

Now we are going to talk about anesthesia in ancient Egypt as an important part in the ancient Egyptian medicine. The ancient Egyptian physician was the first one who used the anesthesia in the medicine.

In the ancient times (3rd dynasty) the physician Imhotep, the vizier of king Djoser, used Acupuncture for anesthesia, which is known nowadays as Chinese medicine.

The ancient Egyptian physician has used also a recipe called “Memphtis” which consisted of a crushed marble mixed with vinegar.

This recipe was used as an anesthetic, as the ancient Egyptian physician was cutting and cauterizing without pain.

The new medical discoveries have revealed that the marble, which consists of calcium carbonate, reacts with the vinegar, which consists of carbonic acid, which made a local anesthesia.

The scholars have found in the ancient Egyptian papyri that the physicians used some medical substances like opium for anesthesia.

Among these medical papyri, the papyrus of George Ebers which revealed that the opium was used as an analgesic.

The ancient Egyptian medical papyri have shown also that the ancient Egyptian was using some plants and medical substances to make a lot of formulations to cure a lot of diseases.

The scholars have also some important plants; among them, a plant was called “Egyptian anesthetic”. This plant was used as an analgesic.

It is worth mentioning than before using the anesthesia in ancient Egypt, the surgeon was beating the patient on his head to lose consciousness.

Dr. Mahmoud Bayomi has asserted that the mummification made the ancient Egyptian knew more about the different organs of the body and the suitable medicines for each disease, unlike the other countries and civilizations who cremated the corpses.

Also, the mummification made the ancient Egyptian physician very skillful in autopsy and how to use the anesthesia for each part of the body.

Now, we have mentioned that most interesting facts about the anesthesia in ancient Egypt which is an important part of the ancient Egyptian medicine.