Ancient Egyptian women enjoyed her full rights, how?

Ancient Egypt woman

The ancient Egyptian woman has enjoyed her full rights unlike the women of the other civilizations at that time.

“Women rights” is a case and dream in all over the world. The western societies claim that they are the essential source of the human values and freedom and they respect the women and support their rights.

But in facts, thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptian woman has enjoyed her rights from working, possession, choosing her partner, and so on.

A lot of people think that the ancient Greece was the real source of all the human values which we believe in it nowadays, but the ancient Greek women did not have any rights except the Spartan one, as the woman there has enjoyed a few rights and freedom.

The ancient Greek woman did not have any social position and she was prohibited from the inheritance, divorce, and Education; they were considered as properties for their fathers and husbands. Even the Spartan woman, she did not enjoy her full rights like the Egyptian woman.

Janet Johnson, the professor of Egyptology has said that:

“We have preserved records about the Egyptian kingdom show that the legal status of the ancient Egyptian woman whether she was married, unmarried, divorced, or widow was almost equal with the Egyptian man.

She enjoyed her rights in different aspects of life; we are going to illustrate it.

Facts about ancient Egypt woman
Women in ancient Egypt
  1. Marriage

Unlike the women in the ancient civilizations, the ancient Egyptians have paid respect to the woman.

The Egyptian woman had the right to take the decision of marriage and choosing her partner freely, and if she wanted to be divorced for any reason, she had the right of that.

  1. Possession

The ancient Egyptian woman had also the right of ownership, as she did not need a prior permission from her father, brother, or husband.

If she had the enough money for possessing something, she had the freedom to buy it.

  1. Working

The woman in ancient Egypt was cooperating with her husband in the works of their land.

She also had the right to run her own business and projects, as we have found that the women in ancient Egypt were working as merchants. Herodotus said about that: “Egypt was unlike the rest of mankind”.

The pharaonic woman worked also in the religious ceremonies in the temples, for instance, we have found a lot of women worked as priests and scribes.

  1. The first physician woman in history

Meret Ptah was the first Egypt woman who worked as a physician in the Egyptian history according to the historical records.

Another woman has worked in Medicine; her name was “Pshset”. She got the title of “supervisor of the physicians”.

  1. Ruling the kingdom

Although the majority of ancient Egyptian kings along the history were men, but we have a lot of exceptions. Among the most famous queens were Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Cleopatra, and Iaah-Hotep.

They were very powerful rulers and had a lot of achievements. We have also a woman who became the 1st military leader in the Egyptian history; she was Queen Ahmose Nefertari, the wife of king Ahmose.

Now we have mentioned some interesting facts about ancient Egypt woman.
Women in the ancient Egyptian society
The ancient Egyptian woman