Ancient Egyptian martial arts and fighting

Ancient Egypt martial arts

The ancient Egyptian martial arts and fighting considered the oldest martial arts in the old history. We are going to discuss it in details.

The ancient Egyptians were the first people to introduce a certain type of fighting called “Lotus fighting”.

The Egyptians have innovated the fighting techniques to increase the military capability of the soldiers to defend the lands against the enemies.

The martial art of “Lotus” has appeared in 3000 B.C, and it was applied at a lot of difficult wars and battles, as the ancient Egyptian soldiers used this technique to achieve a decisive victory.

The difference between the ancient Egyptian martial art (Lotus) and the others types

Facts about Egyptian martial arts
Ancient Egypt martial arts

It is known that each nation has its own type of fighting and martial arts, and these arts varied from one nation to another according to the type of the body.

For instance, we find the nations of Eastern Asia like Japan have their own types of martial arts like Sumo and Karate which suit their small bodies. China also has its types of sports like Kung Fu.

As for the ancient Egyptians, their bodies and physical abilities were totally different from the people of Eastern Asia, so the Egyptians have invented and innovated different types of martial arts totally different from those of Asians.

The Lotus style of fighting was very suited to the physical of the Egyptians, as the ancient Egyptians had very strong and tough bodies. Their physical nature is very similar to the ancient Greeks.

The ancient Egyptian art was a mix between the wrestling and fighting with weapons like sticks, spears, pharaonic sword, and the machete. These weapons were the most common ones in the wars throughout the ancient Egypt history.

The “Lotus” martial art was different from the rest types of fighting. Although it was easy to be learned, it needed an Egyptian body to be professional in it in a very short time.

Why this type of martial art was named “Lotus”?

This martial art was named after the rose of Lotus, as this rose had a high ability of resistance to the weather and the different factors.

The ancient Egyptians have depicted this type of martial art in their temples and tombs.

The ancient Greeks were visiting Egypt not only for trade or cultural exchange, but also to transfer this type of fighting to their countries, and modifying it to suit their weapons.

This Lotus martial art was nearly disappeared because after the Pharaonic period has gone, Egypt was conquered by different nations and civilizations, and the Egyptians could not preserve this type of fighting, so it was forgotten with the time.

Now, we have mentioned some interesting facts about the ancient Egyptian martial arts and fighting.

Facts about fighting in ancient Egypt
A scene of ancient Egypt martial arts