Ancient Egyptian facts, the fact about Harem conspiracies

Ancient Egyptian facts, Harem conspiracies

Women have played an important role in ancient Egyptian royal palaces. This role is an undeniable fact.

Sometimes they planned intrigues, and in other times they even participated in getting rid of the kings and overthrowing them.

Harem conspiracies
Facts about Harem conspiracies in ancient Egypt

The live example of this had taken place towards the end of the reign of king Ramses III.

When one of his wives called (Taya) wanted to ensure the right of the throne to her son after his father’s death.

She conspired with one of the courtiers called (Papa Keka Amu), the dear servant.

This man played a mediatory role between the royal Harem of Taya and their mothers and sisters.

For this purpose, the man contacted one of the sponsors of the royal livestock who wrote some magic formulae and made wax statuettes which were believed to have a strong effect on the king and his courtiers in terms of weakening their health or turning them away from ruling the country.

However, this conspiracy failed. Another example from the ancient Egyptian history was that of king Amenmhat III who was assassinated by his Harem.

The fact about Harem conspiracies during Mamluk Dynasty

These examples undoubtedly bring to our minds the story of Shajar al-Durr and the money she had spent just to satisfy the Bahari Mameluks, thus gaining the support of the public.

She was the first woman to rule Egypt, the idea which was not widely or popularly accepted or appreciated especially by Caliph Al- Mountasser Bellah in Baghdad.

Shajar al-Durr, therefore, abdicated the throne for one of the Mamluk Princes called (Ibak) who married her, and when she discovered his marriage to another woman, she became jealous enough to kill him in 655 A.H.

The fact about Harem conspiracies during the Ottoman era

In the meantime, the Ottoman era had witnessed famous examples if women conspiracies.

Such as the behavior of Roxalana;  the wife of Sulaiman al- Qanuni. Roxalana was the most favorite to his heart and the very special to him.

She knew very well how to captivate his heart and even to control him.

Meanwhile, she wanted to right of the throne to her son (Saleem) and not to the legitimate heir prince Mustafa the eldest son of the Sultan from another wife.

Therefore, Roxalana convinced the Sultan to appoint (Rustom pasha) as his prime minister (sadr A’zam) to support her in her plans.

She even lied to her husband when she told him that his son was in close contact with the Persians; who were then their enemies.

Not only that, but also she had put in his mind that the “Inkisharia” had asked for overthrowing him to have prince which ended by the assassination plot against prince Mustafa by his father, as a response to his favorite wife’s conspiracies which stripped Suliman of his fatherly emotions and feeling to kill his own son.

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