Ancient Egypt pottery: the pottery in ancient Egyptian civilization

Pottery in ancient Egypt

Now, we are going to talk about the ancient Egypt pottery and the making of pottery in the Egyptian civilization. The making of pottery has reached a great progress among the civilizations of that had rivers in the ancient world. But the land of pharaohs and the ancient Egyptians had a different approach in this industry.

The Nile had an extraordinary valley, which inspired a lot of ancient Egyptian artists to make the paintings and inscription on the pottery.

Ancient Egypt had a lot of centers to make the pottery, which we are going to mention it.

The ancient Egyptian pottery (5000-3200 BC)

Ancient Egyptian pottery
Pottery in ancient Egypt

The first center in ancient Egypt for producing the pottery was at the uplands which overlooked the Nile. The most beautiful pots were made there, as the artisans were using the fertile soil of the Nile.

El-Badari (5000-4000 B.C)

The Badarian civilization was found at Asyut governorate. The scholars have found a number of cups and pots in this site.

The red soil of the Nile in this site helped a lot the Egyptian artisans in finding the raw materials to form the finest pottery among the other civilizations.

The pottery which used for making the pots and cups of cooking were made out of the black, brown, or red soil. These soils gave the pots the ability to endure the heat.

El-Fayoum (4000-3500 B.C)

The center of El-Fayoum was considered the 2nd center of making the pottery after El-Badari.

El-Fayoum has distinguished by its rough pots, cups, and tools because the artisans used to mix the pottery with the ground straw. Their products were free of decorations.

One of the Egyptologists called “Wisin” has said that the first wheel for making the pottery dated back to the beginning of the reign of king Khasekhemwy.

He added also that the artisans in all Egypt did not use the pottery wheel until the 4th dynasty. Now we have mentioned the most interesting facts about the ancient Egypt pottery.

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Egyptian pottery
Some ancient Egyptian pottery products