Ancient Egypt gods: Wadjet, the serpent goddess

Ancient Egypt god, Wadjet

Among the ancient Egypt gods, there is a unique one that required a lot of studying, which is goddess Wadjet, the serpent goddess. Now, we are going to mention some interesting facts about goddess Wadjet.

Wadjet was one of the most famous goddesses of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians have known it in the pre-dynastic period, and it was the symbol of Lower Egypt.

She was named Pr-Wadjet, which means the house of goddess Wadjet. She associated with the red crown of Lower Egypt.

Wadjet was always represented in the shape of a standing serpent. It formed with goddess Nkhbt, the female eagle, the famous dual “Nebty”, as each one was standing on a hemisphere and represented the symbol of Upper and Lower Egypt.

The name Wadjet means the green one of the lady of the papyrus, as the papyrus was the symbol of Lower Egypt.

Wadjet has associated with the papyrus because this kind of serpents was living in the marshes of papyrus in Delta.

Wadjet is totally different from two other serpents, which are Renenutet and Meret-Seger, as Renenutet was living in the fields of cereals while Meret-Seger, the deity of tombs, was living in the hills of the desert where the eternal silence.

The pyramid texts have mentioned that goddess Wadjet created the papyrus and its marshes, so there was an attached relation between Wadjet, the symbol of Lower Egypt and the “Wadj stick”, which was one of the known scepters that took the shape of the papyrus stalk.

One of the ancient myths which related to the cosmogony said that goddess Wadjet the daughter of god Re was sent by her father to search for his two sons, Tefnut and Shu the elements of water and air, as they lost their way in Nun sea, the sea of chaos.

Wadjet has managed to find them and get them out of the chaos sea. When they came back, god Re was very happy till the point that he cried. By his tears, god Re has created the mankind.

Then he rewarded goddess Wadjet for her courage and cleverness by putting her above his head, so we have been watching the symbol of the serpent goddess while surrounding the sun disk above the head of god Re to be close to him for protection.

Ancient Egypt gods
The symbol of Wadjet flanking the sun disk

Wadjet has gained the title of the holder of Re’ eye along with goddess Bastet, Hathor, Sekhmet, and Tefnut. Wadjet has associated with goddess Maat, the goddess of justice in ancient Egypt.

Although Wadjet was described, according to the ancient Egypt mythology, as a dangerous and aggressive goddess, but she played a very important and emotional role in the myth of Osiris and Isis.

She helped Isis in raising up her baby god Horus, as she hidden him in the marshes of the Delta. Wadjet was protecting god Horus from his uncle god Seth who killed his father.

Ancient Egypt gods, Wadjet
Horus eye flanked by Wadjet and Nkhbt

When god Horus grew up he fought Seth in the shape of the sun disk flanked by both of Wadjet and Nkhbt, as a symbol of protection. Then this symbol has moved from Horus to every king in ancient Egypt.

Goddess Wadjet, ancient Egypt gods
The symbol of Wadjet upon the heads of the kings

The oldest temple of goddess Wadjet was Pe-Dep in the Old Kingdom. This temple was mentioned in the pyramid texts. Wadjet was the wife of god Hapy.

Now we have mentioned the most interesting facts about goddess Wadjet as one of the most important goddesses among ancient Egypt gods.

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