Ancient Egypt: glassworks in ancient Egyptian civilization

Ancient Egypt glasswork

The ancient Egypt civilization has introduced the glassworks. Some scholars have indicated that the ancient Egyptians were the first people to make different products out of glass.

In ancient times the glass was very rare, so it had high value and the civilization that could make different products out of it, really it had a powerful technology.

Some glass products, were discovered in Iraq, indicate that the glassworks have started in Mesopotamia 1500 B.C.

A recent study has discovered that the ancient Egyptians were the first people who perfected the art of glassworks after the Mesopotamia civilization.

They used high technology that transferred to the Middle East and the countries of Mediterranean Sea.

In Egypt, we have discovered some artifact at the east of Delta indicate that the glass was made of raw materials in 1250 BC. For the first time, we have known from this discovery the used methods to make the glass.

The scholars have discovered other glass products at Rhodes in Greece. This discovery has dated the making of glass by 200 years BC (after 1000 years from the ancient Egyptian products).

The ancient Egyptian used the glass to make the amulets, beads, and adornment, in addition to other projects.

At the era of king Ramses II, the Egyptians were using more developed tools to cut the glass and form it. These tools were discovered at the site of El-Qanater.

These discoveries have referred to two phases of production. The scholars have known the raw material used in this industry; these materials were Silica and the ashes of the plants.

Egyptian facts about glassworks
A vase made out of glass

These materials were burnt in oval pots, then it was crushed and washed, then the workers added the colors. After that, the mix was smelted in cylindrical molds to make round alloys.

These alloys were transferred to the workshops, as the skillful craftsmen made the bottles of perfumes and different ceramic items.

The ancient Egyptian glass was considered a semi-precious stone, and this stone was under the control of the royal family and the high officials of the kingdom.

The industry of glass declined after the era of 21st dynasty, and then it was revived at the 26th dynasty.