Ancient Egypt: the first dentist in the history Hesy-Re


Now we are going to mention interesting facts about the 1st dentist in the ancient Egyptian history and the history of mankind.

Hesy-Re was one of the high officials who lived during the 3rd dynasty under the reign of king Zoser. Hesy-Re got many titles, among them, the priest of god Horus, the supervisor of the royal court, and the close one to the king.

But the most important title that he gained was the senior of the dentists and physicians. Hesy-Re considered the 1st dentist in the world.

We have found in his tomb at Saqqara what is called “the panels of Hesy-Re”. These panels are eleven wooden panels which show different phases of Hesy-Re’s life. We have 3 panels displayed now at the Egyptian museum.

These panels were made out of Cedar which was imported from Lebanon. This kind of wood was rare at Egypt. We have found also some furniture made out of Cedar which indicates that he was a great official during this time.

The ancient Egyptian artist has depicted Hesy-Re on these panels while holding the “Skhm” and another stick in the other hand. These sticks are thought to be the tools of measures.

Facts about Hesy-Re
Panels of Hesy-Re

His name

His name gained a great attention from the Egyptologists, as his name refers to the worship of god Re (the sun god).

His titles

Hesy-Re got the title of king’s representative, the senior of the capital “Buto”, the brother of god “Men”, the senior of the royal scribes, one of the high officials of Upper Egypt, and the priest of god “Hka Mehet”.

All these titles were written on the panels which were discovered in his tomb at Saqqara in addition to the title of the senior of dentists and physicians as we mentioned before.

Now we have mentioned the most interesting facts about the first physician in the history who is Hesy-Re.