Ancient Egypt facts, value of woman and family in Egyptian society

Ancient Egyptian facts, marriage in Egypt

Now we are going to talk about the value of women and family in ancient Egypt as an important part of ancient Egypt facts.

The ancient Egyptian society paid a great attention to the family and its value. They considered the family is the backbone of the society, if the family is good the society will be good also and vice versa.

In ancient Egypt, the family had a prominent value, and every member of the family should protect it and take care of the other members.

The archeologists have discovered a lot of texts referred to the great role of the family in ancient Egypt. Among these texts, the advice of Wiseman called “Ptah-Hotep” to his son. He said, “if you are really wise you should marry and make a family”.

The woman had the essential role in the family. The family at the beginning consisted of the husband, wife, and children, after that it included the aunts.

We have found a papyrus from the 6th dynasty belonged to a soldier called “Senfru”, he talked about his family which consisted of his mother, grandmother, and three aunts.

The ancient Egyptian wises thought that the capacity of the husband, early marriage, the good idol, maturity of the wife, taking on commitments, love, and intimacy between the spouses are one of the most important elements of the successful marriage.

There was another Wiseman called “Any” said to his son “choose a good wife when you are still young, and learn how to guide her”.

The man in ancient Egypt was the head of the family and should take on his responsibilities.

Ptah Hotep said to his son “you must feed her, protect her, and make her happy during her lifetime; she is a good supporter to you in this world”.

The Wiseman “Any” said, “if you want to make your wife happy you should support and help her”.

We have found a document shows the real love and sincerity in marriage in ancient Egypt, it was written by a man to his dead wife; he blamed his wife because she died and left him alone as he said:

When I was young I chose you to be my wife, and felt comfort beside you, and took over a lot of positions and stayed beside you, never abandoned or hurt you, and never kept any secrets from you, and never insulted you, when you felt sick I have called the best doctors for you, and when you died I cried a lot over your tomb, and now I live three years after your death and never found any good home but you.

The marriage was taking place in the temple, and the relatives of the spouses were attending the ceremony, but we have not been discovered a marriage contract dates back to the era before the New Kingdom.
Ancient Egypt facts, marriage in Egypt
Facts about marriage in ancient Egypt

At the late periods the marriage was happened by writing a contract and maybe the ceremonies were performed by the priest of god Amun. The oldest marriage contract has reached to us dates back to the year of 590 B.C.

The ancient Egyptian considered the marital relationship as a strong bond so the adultery was one of the obscenities in the Egyptian society.

The adulterer was punished by drowning or burning. Ptah Hotep said about the adultery “it is a dirty crime and the adulterer deserves the execution.

Now we have mentioned some interesting facts about marriage in ancient Egypt.