Ancient Egypt: the equality between woman and man, how?

Ancient Egypt woman

The woman in ancient Egypt has enjoyed the full equality with the man; as she has gained the respect according to the social class, not the gender.

Compared with the Greek woman, the ancient Egyptian woman has enjoyed more freedom, rights, and privileges.

A great number of ancient Egyptian goddesses were sanctified along the history of ancient Egypt.

According to the law of goddess Maat, showing the underestimation to the woman meant the opposition of the ancient Egyptian beliefs.

The Egyptians have allowed to the woman to be the co-regent of the throne but the man that the chose to be her husband must rule the kingdom and she became the keeper of the royal blood.

The woman has enjoyed a lot of legal rights like involving in the trade and business, possessing the lands and properties, adopting, entering into contracts, testifying in the courts, filing lawsuits, and representing themselves in the courts without a need to a representative.

The woman also had the right to work in many fields like:

Weaving, knitting, counselor of the pharaoh, dancers in the temples, and the senior of priests.

It was not a strange matter that a self-made woman who did not belong to the royal family to rise in the social rank.

Among these women, “Benet”, who was the wife of one of the governors during the 6th dynasty. She got great titles like the judge and the vizier of the pharaoh.

The ancient Egypt woman also was allowed to work as a scribe and physicians.

Among the most famous women who were physicians, “Besheshet” who lived during the 5th dynasty and got the title of the master of physicians.

We can conclude from the above information that ancient Egyptian woman has lived as a happy citizen and enjoyed the equality with the man since a long time.

The wise “Mry-Re” has shown this equality in his teachings as he said:

“All the mankind is equal. No distinction between the people. The creator has created the sky, land, and the air for the people because they went out of his organs and for them; the creator is shining in the sky. He also created the plant, animals, and fishes to feed them”.

We can see that the people were born to be equal. This mentality is very old; as it dates back to the archaic period of the Egyptian history.

Goddess Isis has ingrained the roots of this equality between the two genders through the famous myth; as she helped her husband and supported her son to ascend the throne. Both the men and women were named after goddess Isis.

Ancient Egypt was the only state in the old ages to estimate and appreciate the value of the woman.

The ancient Egyptian laws have made a legal status for the woman like the man; as she did not subject to the custody, unlike the Roman woman.

The power of the father or the husband over the woman was not a control but it was kind of attention and care. In ancient Egypt also the legacy was divided by equal shares between the man and the woman.

Now, we have mentioned the most interesting facts about the equality between the woman and the man in ancient Egypt.
The equality between man and woman in ancient Egypt
The ancient Egypt woman