11 best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh

restaurants in sharm el sheikh

Here on this topic, you can discover the best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh; as Sharm El Sheikh is considered as one of the best tourist destination in the Arab world.

It a wonderful city that has all the standards that make it one of the most important touristic cities around the world. Sharm El Sheikh has the beautiful beaches, turquoise water, soft sand, and the sites for diving.

It has also the best places for safari. Among all of these matters, you need to eat the tastiest and delicious foods, in addition, try new types of foods that you do not try it before.

Here, when you visit Sharm El Sheikh, you can find 11 best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh that make you feel addicted to the Egyptian food.

  1. on deck restaurant
best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh
on deck restaurant

On deck restaurant is a floating restaurant and it is one of the best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh; as it offers a unique experience of best foods. The restaurant overlooks Naama Bay and the sea life in the Red Sea.

The restaurant offers the Mediterranean Sea dishes like roast-lamb meet, seafood dishes like shrimps, crayfish, and different types of roast or fried fishes, in addition to the wonderful Egyptian salads.

  1. The blue fountain
Best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh
the blue fountain

It is among the best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh; as it offers the British and French foods in addition to Mediterranean Sea dishes. The restaurant also offers oriental presentations at night.

  1. Kaza mya restaurant
Best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh
Kaza mya restaurant

This restaurant has a unique location at Hadaeek El Sultan resort and it offers the best Italian beef dishes, in addition to different types of cheese, vegetables, and olives.

The restaurant also offers all types of pizza and macaroni; as you feel that you travel to Italy while having the food. The restaurant overlooks the waterfalls found at the resort along with landscapes.

  1. Lafleur restaurant
Best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh
Lafleur restaurant

This French restaurant locates at Naama Bay. It overlooks the sea and it offers very tasty food. The restaurant offers seafood dishes, stake, and French foods.

Working hours:

From Monday to Sunday, 7 PM until 12 AM.

  1. Arabesque restaurant
Best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh
Arabesque restaurant

This restaurant is among the best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh and it locates inside the Four Season Hotel.

This restaurant offers a very distinguished experience of food; as it has a mix of Egyptian, Lebanese, and Moroccan cuisine.

You can enjoy your food while watching the most beautiful landscapes and the oriental decor. When you come, we recommend you to eat the Moroccan Tajine.

  1. Al Masryeen restaurant

Do you look for Egyptian food in Sharm El Sheikh? Well, in the old market you can find a restaurant called Al Masryeen and the other locates in Al-Yasmin center in Nabq.

In these restaurants, you will enjoy the Egyptian atmosphere, which represented in the decorations and decor. The best dishes there are Egyptian Kofta and roast lamb.

  1. White Elephant Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar

It is one of the best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh; as it enjoys a great fame among the tourists. White elephant thai locates inside Royal Albatros Moderna Sharm el-Sheikh hotel.

The restaurant was decorated in very attractive and ideal way; the matter that makes you enjoys your meal in a calm and wonderful place.

The menu includes amazing dishes like fresh sushi, in addition to Thai cuisine like beef, Thai noodles, and Thai curry.

  1. Olivio restaurant

Olivio restaurant – Sharm El Sheikh offers Mediterranean Sea dishes, in addition to a buffet every night.

You can see the cleverest chefs while preparing the most delicious foods. The restaurant offers a breakfast buffet with dozens of cold and hot dishes every morning, so it deserves to be one of the best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh.

Working hours

Breakfast: 06:00 until 10:30 AM.

Lunch: 13:00 until 15:00 PM.

Dinner: 18:30 until 22:30 PM.

  1. Jolie Ville restaurant

If you look for the unforgotten experience of having breakfast at Sharm El Sheikh, do not hesitate to visit Jolie Ville in Naama Bay, which has a charming atmosphere make you feel comfortable, in addition to a wonderful menu of pastry and pies.

You can enjoy eating different types of cakes beside the Egyptian tea or Arabian coffee.

  1. Dananeer restaurant

If you do not know which meals will you eat, it is better to visit one of the best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh, which is a Dananeer restaurant.

It locates inside Moevenpick hotel; in this restaurant, you can eat different types of dishes like Egyptian beans and falafel.

You can enjoy also the western dishes in addition to delicious seafood. The restaurant offers pastry and stuffed pies.

  1. Kan Zaman restaurant

Sharm El Sheikh is famous for wonderful Bedouin presentations, so in this restaurant, you can enjoy watching some Arab customs and traditions. The restaurant is decorated with the Arab decor and it offers Arab and Eastern dishes.

Now, we have mentioned the 11 best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh.