Egyptian culture: 3 interesting facts about ancient Egypt culture

3 prominent facts about Egypt culture

We are going to discuss in this article 3 facts about ancient Egyptian culture in details.

The first fact: Hanging crocodiles on the house facades.

The second fact: Licking of fingers.

The third fact: Maintaining God sent bounty.

Hanging crocodiles on the house facades

Egyptian culture facts about crocodiles
Giving offerings to a crocodile, as a kind of sacrificing to them

Mummified crocodiles had been hung on the doors of the Ancient Egyptian houses as amulets and as a way of protection against were due to his worship of this animal as water god.

In Al-Fayum and Kom-Ombo, it was worshiped under the name of “Sobek”, and some of the cities of today still named after the crocodile such as Al-Ahaad, Sobk Al-Talaat, and Sobk Al-Dahakk. In Fayum, a gigantic temple was dedicated to this god.

The Turkish traveler Olyashelby, who came to Egypt in the 17th century, said the fact about hanging a crocodile on the doors of ancient Egyptians houses as an amulet that protected them against evil.

He spoke about the citadel in Aswan called the Citadel of Hussien Bek on the door of which was hung an iron crocodile.

Until today we find that there are some villages in Egypt, even in Cairo where little crocodiles are hung on the doors of the houses as an extension of the tradition initiated by the Ancient Egyptians.

Some Egyptians scarify the crocodiles, while others consider them as enemies.

For instance, the Egyptians living in the vicinity of Thebes and Lake Mooris hold crocodiles to be holy and sacred creatures.

The people of each of these two provinces select one specified crocodiles from among all of them to nurture, train and hold as a tamed animal.

They place earrings made of stone and gold in the ears of the ears of the animal, and bracelets around its front feet.

Moreover, they serve him special food and scarify and treat the animal nicely all through its life and upon its death, it is mummified and buried in a holy shrine.

In the Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria, on display is a mummified crocodile which is a representation of the god Benfros, of the Delphia from Batn Herit in Fayum.

It was found in 1930 and belongs to the 2nd Century B.C. the Ptolemaic period, under number 1968. The distinction of ancient Egypt culture is clearly apparent in this custom.

Facts about crocodiles in Egyptian culture
Egyptian culture, god Sobek-Re represented in crocodile

Egypt culture: licking of fingers

Interesting facts about Egypt culture
Licking fingers in Egyptian culture

This was also one of the customs known to ancient Egypt. The scenes on the walls of Amarna tombs showed Akhenaten and his family in a big festival.

While the king tearing with his teeth a big piece of barbecued meat, and the queen eating chicken.

The mother queen placed in her mouth some food, and with her other hand, she was passing the food to one of the little princesses sitting on a pillow near her. Tables heaped with food were placed near the family.

It is remarkable that the washing set consisted of a pot and a big pan and was usually placed underneath the side table this matter could provide the evidence that the ancient Egyptians had the food handled with their fingers, which led them to lick their fingers.

The fact about Licking fingers during Islamic ages

This custom of licking the fingers was also found in Islamic ages.

During the time of prophet Mohammed, and according to the manners and ethics of his dining, he was using his fingers. He also showed his gratitude to Allah, who blessed him with this food.

In a story narrated by Mohammed Ibn basher after Abdul Rahman Ibn Mahyd, after suysfyan from Ibn Malek and his father “prophet Mohammed used to lick his fingers after dining three times”.

This continued in Islamic Egypt after prophet Mohammed deeds. This could be seen in several Islamic miniatures representing the feasts inside and outside the palaces or certain celebrations.

The fact about Liking fingers in our present time

Facts about Egyptian culture
Egyptian culture, licking fingers nowadays

Nowadays, this custom is widely spread in Europe and USA. As well as Middle East countries especially in the snack stores such as Kentucky and Mc. Donald.

Young boys and girls are used to like their fingers while having these meals. You can notice the characteristics of Egypt culture and traditions through this custom.

Maintaining God sent bounty

In the event we find a piece of bread thrown on the road, what would be our reaction? We normally pick it up, kiss it, and put it at the side of the road in a safe place.

Scenes on the walls of New Kingdom tombs (1400 B.C.) show that this tradition was applicable.

A fabulous scene of a young lady was carried, in which the lady is holding a sack to collect the golden wheat-ears from the ground.

She was going in a tip-toe walk, very careful the wheat seeds (The bounty of God). To this present day, it is remarkable that fortunes are considered by people as God sent a blessing.

The God-fearing Muslims, if they drop a piece of bread, they usually hurry to pick it up and kiss it to express their manner they acknowledge their belief in God, the Grantor of the bread; the bounty.

Those who have this feeling towards the bread, the bounty are definitely true believers.