Egypt culture facts, marriage through periods

Marriage in Egypt culture

In this article, we are going to talk about 2 important Egypt culture facts about marriage through periods.

The first fact: Marriage Contract.

The second fact: Teen Age premature marriages.

Facts about Egypt culture: Marriage contracts

Marriage contract in Egyptian culture
Egyptian culture, marriage contract

The oldest marriage contract ever found by the Archaeologists was dated back to 590 B.C. It stipulated that (A) party comes to the (B) party to propose to his daughter (C).

(B) Was to present 6 ounces of silver and 50 measures of wheat as dowry to his daughter (C), and that (A) gave his undertaking and pledge that in case he would abandon his wife out of hatred or his wish to marry another woman, he should be given back the dowry.

However, this condition should not be enforced in case of adultery committed by the wife.

Meanwhile, another marriage contract was found from the Ptolemaic period and the conditions thereof were similar to those of the Egyptians.

Among the important facts about Egypt culture, the husband was to give his wife a dowry and undertook to give her a monthly payment of 10 shillings for her makeup and a similar amount of pocket money.

This tradition still exists nowadays where the husband provides his bride with money for her makeup and hairdo.

Egypt culture: facts about marriage in the Islamic ages

In the Islamic ages, we found marriage contracts in the Museum of Islamic Art. Specifically, three marriage documents were written on cotton cloth.

One of them is under No. 4224, which consists of 32 lines, 13 lines of which are assigned for the preamble, while the remaining 19 lines for the Articles of the contract.

Stipulations of the contract

  1. In the name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Gracious, praise to God, and peace be upon his Messenger.
  2. This is a Marriage Contract Agreement and Blessing to bring happiness and develop through time for God Almighty had blessed the …
  3. Honored and Respected Prince Alam El-Din son of Serage El-Din Omar son of Gamal Son of Murgan son of Ammar son of Hamed son of Ammar to his Fiancé the Adult, Virgin, Hidden Pearl (Al-Luluaa Al-Maknona);
  4. Um El-Khir the Daughter of the Venerable Rikan al-Din son of El-Hussein son of the Glorified prince Shogaa al-Din al-Gaban El-Aaly;
  5. Fakhr El-Din Malek son of the Honorable prince Srem El-Dawla, and the treasure for his country Abi Abd Allah Mohammed son of the Honorable prince Seif al-Dawlah;
  6. Ibn Tha Iaba son of Haneefa acknowledge hereby that he married the Bride, blessed by God’s support and,
  7. Help for a Dowry of good-quality heavy gold of 500 Dinars, 100 Dinars of which are to be paid upon execution of this contract, while the balance of;
  8. 400 Dinars shall be paid to the wife by the husband on payments;
  9. The husband to hereby give his pledge to treat his wife to be according to the doctrine of God.

In conclusion, we can see that the stipulations marriage contracts in the past and present still have similar aspects.

Culture in Egypt: Teen Age premature marriages

Facts about Egyptian culture, marriage
King Tutankhamun
The picture of Tut-Ankh-Amun implies that he got married at an early age of twelve. His (Ankh-SN-Amon) was about ten years old.

It was common in the Roman period for the young man to get married when they were 15, while young women married at the age of 12 or 13.

One of the sages advised his disciples to get married in their early age to build a family which they would be happy, pleased and comfortable to see the members of such a family all around.

Meanwhile one of the dearest wishes of the father was to have his eldest son married. The Sage Ptah-Hotep said “It is wise for the man to establish himself a house, and love his wife.

On the other hand, there is a fact about Egypt marriage which is the Scribe (Ani) said urging his son to take a wife “you better off get married while you are still young and choose a young wife who would bring you children whom you can raise in your life.

Marriage in Islam

The first reference in this respect in the Islamic ages was the marriage of Prophet Mohammed to Aisha who was then seven years old and took her to Medina at the age of nine or ten.

The prophet gave her a dowry of four hundred Dirhams.

Egypt marriage facts nowadays

Facts about marriage in culture of Egypt
Egyptian culture, marriage in countryside

Nowadays, we can notice clearly that Teenage marriages are common and in particular in the countryside. This is due to more than one reason.

One of these factors is the wish of the parents to see their grandchildren around, and the wish of the father of the bride to see her married especially if he is at old age.

Not only that, but also the girl who is not married at an early age is considered as a spinster, and for this reason would be the talk of the village.

marriage in Egyptian culture
The ring of marriage in ancient Egypt