About Us

My name is Zyad Shokry. I’m the creator of the Egypt Guide website. I live in Cairo, Egypt.

I’m an Egyptian tour guide and translator. I have a great passion towards the ancient Egyptian civilization. 4 years ago, I dreamt of creating a website talking about the ancient Egyptian history, pharaohs, language, traditions, monuments, religion, etc.

So, I’ve decided to achieve my dream by creating this website along with specialized teamwork.

To build an informative and powerful website, I’ve learned so much about the ancient Egypt civilization from books, TV channels, YouTube, and the internet and I have so much more to learn.

As I mentioned before, our website presents interesting information and fact about the ancient Egypt; and when I say ancient Egypt, I don’t mean only the pyramids and kings, but I mean all aspects of life in ancient Egypt like work, marriage, habits, mythology, daily life, love, sports, and everything related to the life of the ancient Egyptian.

As well as, I have been writing articles about the Egyptian monuments, arts, the most famous kings, and more about the Egyptian civilization.

Soon, I’ll prepare articles to include interesting information about modern Egypt

I’ve had fun creating the website. I hope all the information is correct and accurate, and I will of course update any mistakes as we come across them.